Angola - MMMs provide basic health services in rapidly-growing Viana.
Brazil - MMMs help to raise awareness about violence against women.
England - We are grateful to the many people who support us as a result of mission awareness work.
Honduras - MMMs teach children stress reduction exercises in a violent environment.
Ireland - MMM Motherhouse + nursing facility - a powerhouse of prayer
Kenya - MMMs provide basic health services in the Nairobi slums.
Malawi - MMMs provide services for people with HIV.
Nigeria - MMMs and team provide vaccines for mothers and children.
Republic of Benin - Nutrition education includes growing local healthy foods.
South Sudan - MMMs help to provide accessible clean water, saving women many hours of work.
Rwanda - Generous donors helped to renovate a laboratory in rural Kirambi.
Tanzania - Faraja Centre provided mosquito nets, helping to prevent many deaths and much ill health.
Uganda - MMMs bring hope to women with obstetric fistulae.
USA - Circle of Friends - partners in bringing health care to those in great need

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We are an international congregation of women religious, founded by Mother Mary Martin in Nigeria, in 1937. Desiring to share Christ's healing love, we bring health services to people of different cultures where human needs are great.

MMMs are serving in 14 countries around the world, including our newest mission in the Republic of South Sudan. Sisters come from 19 countries and are trained in a variety of health-related professions. With Mary as our model, our special concern is the care of mother and child and the fostering of family life.

News and Events

A volunteer receives his certificate on completing a palliative care training course in Tanzania.

You can read about six MMMs who recently made their first commitment and stories from two of our experienced missionaries in our April e-newsletter.

We mark the 78th anniversary of the foundation of the Medical Missionaries of Mary on 4 April. We give thanks to God for all the gifts we have received, including our wonderful supporters.

Raising awareness about fistula
We have featured the work of MMMs for women affected by vesico-vaginal fistula in the form of an interview that appeared on 31 December 2014. Please log onto and click Ministry and Q & A. Please click Say Thanks.

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If you are interested in participating in a special event for Vocations Sunday, click here

We are very conscious of those affected by violence in many countries, including those in which we work, such as Nigeria, Kenya, and the Republic of South Sudan. We ask you to join us in prayer for these suffering people and for those responsible.


Prayer Space

We welcome you to join
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prayer. We remember you each day.

Please pray for our Sisters, Associates and staff, who work to bring God’s love and healing in areas affected by conflict and unrest. Capacitar is used as a means for healing.

If you wish, send us your own
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