Wurserova, Sr. M. Caritas

Wurserova, Sr. M. Caritas

Sr. M. Caritas WurserovaNationality: Czech
Congregational Register No: 192
D.O.B. 16.08.1922
First Profession: 08.09.1950
Died: 06.02.1992 Aged: 69 years


Caritas, baptised Marie, came from Czechoslovakia and first heard of MMM when she arrived in Rome as a refugee. Because she was already in the field of nursing, she felt attracted to the healing mission of the congregation.

She came to Ireland with the future Sr. Bibi (Sr. M. Adalbert, her cousin)  in December 1947. She had a few words of English on arrival and in a short time became almost fluent.

Nursing was her profession, but she was also an excellent seamstress and dress-designer. Her great hobby was art. She painted pictures, some of which can still be seen in Drogheda.

Sr. Caritas also worked in Naples, Italy, and Nigeria. She studied in the National University of Ireland, in Galway, securing her BA.

In her later years she became very friendly with a lovely young family in Drogheda, who claim her as their ‘grandmother’ and constantly bring flowers to her grave.

She died in Drogheda after a long, difficult illness, and is buried there.