Mary Martin Inspirations

  • I am very clear about this now, work and energies mean nothing. Our human energies will be taken up and transformed by giving ourselves completely to God. (1922/23)
  • The life of a religious Sister out here in Nigeria is not like that of a home order. It has to be very broad and big in view. (1922/23)
  • Jesus Christ had an intense love for his Father. It was in this love he was rooted and founded. (1933)
  • They will seek God in everything. They will love God in everyone and everyone in God. (1933)
  • It is a work that will require great freedom. For this to be true, it can only be found where love reigns. (1933)
  • My idea is that our religious clothing is the life of Christ. Let us be known not by the clothing we wear but by our hidden life in God and living up to the love, simplicity and obedience of Jesus and Mary. (1933)
  • You will realize even better than I do the absolute necessity for our vocation. We are called to a very solid and intense inner life of love and union with God. (1933)
  • We must be trained to seek God in all and to depend absolutely on God for all. (1933)
  • I am convinced that we shall have to go very slowly and draw up our own Constitutions as we grow in experience. (1933)
  • Our aim – to share Christ´s work, suffering, sacrifice and life (and perhaps death) - to be patient, loving and kind in all things, not driven by ego. This is how Christ was and we do these for the same reason, the love of the Father. (1933)
  • I trust God. Even though I make mistakes, many mistakes, God will not let God´s work suffer for that. (1934)
  • God has been good to me. I trust God absolutely. The past is in God´s hands, so is the future and present. (1934)
  • I wish each Sister to use her own judgment and discretion.  But above all, never fail in the fullness of love. (1935)
  • I believe now that after all these years of patient waiting I am infused with the Spirit that God wants for this new work.  It makes me very happy.  For ourselves and for the success of our work we must be embedded in God.(1935)
  • The work, under God's direction, will develop now that we have begun. God will guide us at each step of the way through circumstances and life events.(1935)
  • I believe that we must work together to achieve this and be guided by the Spirit.  It is a new work.  The formation and growth should be slow with great freedom to develop as God desires.(1936)
  • Nothing is too hard for those who love.(1936)
  • One solid prayer and some straight talking will do more to change this attitude.  Above all living our own lives in union with Christ.(1936)
  • Difficulties stimulate me and make me more confident that God is with the work ….(1936)
  • The spirit of the Medical Missionaries of Mary will be based on a very intense and solid inner life of love and union with God.(1937)
  • My concern is that the spirit be that of Christ.  If it is genuine, the work must spring from a deep love of God the Father, through Jesus and Mary.(1935-1939)
  • Keep your hearts at peace and trust God for all and all will follow.(1937)
  • We must, at any cost stay where we are and remain with the local people we love.  They are the ones God has asked us to serve.  The local people will love and respect us in the end for this, as they see God's work being done among them.(1949)
  • From our own sickness we can learn a lot about our nursing skills.  We act in kindness and thoughtfulness for our patients´needs.  It is the little acts of kindness that mean so much for the patient. (1950)
  • Let love be your rule of life…  .Grow with the Infant Jesus “who grew in wisdom and stature with God and humankind”  (1950)
  • See and seek God in all things.(1950)
  • You are religious Sisters first.  This does not mean going to the church to pray.  It means living a life of love - among yourselves and among all people.  This will be done if you truly love God. (1952)
  • A wonderful gift to cultivate for your work …. patience and a great sense of humour.(1952)
  • The great thing is to learn from  our failings and not be discouraged.  This discouragement is a subtle form of pride.(1953)
  • When you are discouraged, go to God, as a child goes to her mother, and tell her all. Like a mother, God will console and strengthen you to go forward.  (1953)
  • MMMs must learn to take responsibility and be reliable; this is what we are here for. To get discouraged is a want of trust in God - we are inclined to rely too much on ourselves…(1953)
  • As a missionary, we learn from others, recognising the truth no matter who says it. (1953)
  • Seek knowledge and be ready to learn from the local people. (1953)

Medical Missionaries of Mary get great energy from the Gospel story of Mary's journey into the hill country to visit her cousin, Elizabeth. Mary had been told by the Angel Gabriel that she was to become the mother of a son, the Son of God. Her cousin, much older than Mary, was also pregnant.

After a long journey on foot, Mary reached Elizabeth's house. It was an amazing encounter, in which Mary spoke her 'Magnificat', a prayer of praise and a call that inspires us to action on behalf of those who are on the margins of society. Since 1937, the story - known in the Gospels as 'The Visitation' - has energized MMM Sisters to go to places of great need. In addition to many other areas of healthcare we put particular emphasis on the care of women before, during and after birth and on the care of children.

If you ask any MMM Sister where she draws the motivation for the work she does, she will think for a moment and surely reply, 'It comes from prayer'.

Although we come from different cultural backgrounds, we are interconnected and the common source of the ministry we offer comes from our personal relationship with God, nurtured through prayer. There is a wholeness and seamless quality to our lives. Our daily prayer energizes our work and the human needs and suffering of the world draws us into prayer. Neither aspect would be authentic without the other. We see ourselves as contemplatives, but active in the world. The spirituality of MMM is deeply rooted in the Christian Gospel, especially the mysteries of the Incarnation, Visitation and Nativity, all told in the Gospel of Luke. It is also closely linked to the tradition of Saint Benedict. Saint Benedict is noted for the values of tolerance, balance, hospitality and the promotion of peace.

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We are religious sisters set forth to heal the world and relieve suffering in areas of the greatest need. Desiring to share Christ's healing love, our Sisters come from 19 countries to bring health services to people all around the world.


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