Where We Are

Worldwide MMM Sisters operate in areas of the world with the greatest need for health and healing care. Locations are places where MMMs are invited to communities by the local leadership to provide holistic and healing resources. Various medical missionary work is provided according to the needs of the local people. There are no two MMM locations alike. The services provided are determined by what the people locally need and what resources are possible.

Community based primary healthcare services with a focus on women and children in conjunction with governmental and church agencies takes place globally. While MMMs are present in 11 countries in the world currently there are several countries that MMM served in the past but have since left. The goal of the MMM missions is to help a community become self-sufficient, so training is provided to the local people allowing the MMMs to move on to a new location over time. MMM has been in 21 different countries since they began in 1937.

MMMs sometimes get called up to respond to emergency situations in parts of the world they have not been to before as a special mission. MMM members together with the associates are present in 17 countries in the world currently to meet the needs of the communities,

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MMM Sisters currently operate in four major geographic regions:

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