Holistic Healing and Health Education

Holistic Healing and Health Education

In addition to providing traditional hospital and clinic health services, MMM Sisters are involved in various types of holistic healing and also in providing health education.

Open to what serves the needs of the community and the individual best, MMM offers a variety of holistic healing services that patients would otherwise be unable to access.

Health education is offered in many ways in areas where the need is unmet by other health care service providers. It is provided in connection with churches, schools, community centres and health centers. Education is provided in areas related to multiple health concerns including AIDS/HIV education, TB clinic, hygiene, sexual education, ante-natal care, disease prevention and safety measures.

We MMMs work with the local community to address the specific needs of the people. In many parts of the world some diseases still play a large role, different from other areas. It is possible that in the poorer slums there is no public sanitation at all and the spread of disease is a major concern. In many areas the local people may be unable to read or have access to digital technology to learn basic steps for health education or self care. MMM goes to where the people are and brings health education to them as needed.

MMMs are global medical missionaries Sisters. We make a difference in the world by bringing healing to those in most need. The Congregation’s name is the Medical Missionaries of Mary. This means that, like Mary, we go in haste to care for the most vulnerable. We provide holistic healthcare with a particular care for women and children. As Missionaries we are “sent forth” to serve in our world, often deeply and violently divided.

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In 1937 by Dublin-born Mother Mary Martin founded the Congregation. She responded to the need she saw as a young lay missionary in Nigeria. Today we strive to ease poverty and suffering throughout the world, inspired by the same Gospel values. Most MMMs train in professions linked to some area of healthcare or social services. This gives us specific skills to bring to the communities we serve. Our particular concern is the health of mothers and children and the promotion of family life.

Today we are over 300 members of the Congregation. We carry on the vision of Mother Mary Martin, present among peoples of other cultures, religions and ideologies. We create medical, social and religious projects which enhance the quality of life for people who are suffering. We are funded by Donor agencies, individuals, families and groups. We also receive help from governments of various countries as well as service-user fees. We are deeply grateful to all these donors who enable us to provide health care and other social programmes.

Today, any concept of Mission today involves collaboration. We work with other organizations and institutions in our relief of suffering and care for our planet. MMM Associates and co-workers work with the Sisters to create a world of justice, love and peace.

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MMMs provide different services at different locations in response to local needs. We provide quality, affordable health care to those who most need it. We work to empower local people to take responsibility for their own health.