Stanley, Sr. M. Therese

Stanley, Sr. M. Therese

Sr. M. Therese StanleyNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 18
D.O.B. 21.02.1919
First Profession: 22.07.1942
Died: 18.07.1971 Aged: 52 years

Martha Stanley of Clifden, Co. Galway, was one of our early novices in Collon, entering on 6 January 1939.

Sr. Therese had done a course in domestic science, and although gifted as a homemaker, she was given little opportunity to put her qualifications into practice. Her talents seemed to be in leadership.

Therese spent a number of years on bed rest . During that time Therese was rarely idle. She was MMM’s first official philatelist and built up quite a small business from her bed. After her recovery, she became superior in Rosemount.

She went with the first group to start our new MMM foundation in the USA, in Commonwealth Ave., Boston in 1950. She was superior of that house and then in Winchester, MA. She was assigned in 1959 to Tanzania as superior in Dareda. In 1966, she was appointed superior of Makiungu. This assignment was cancelled at her request and she transferred to Kabanga.

Finally in 1967, she was assigned to the Apostolic delegation in Lagos, Nigeria. It was while she was in Lagos that she accidentally drowned. Therese grew up in Clifden, by the sea, and was noted as a competent swimmer, which made her death by drowning all the more poignant.

Sr. M. Therese was buried in Eleta, Ibadan, Nigeria.