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Morning has Broken - Part Two

by Sr. Ese Idogen  MMM          Nigeria               05.05.2022

Sr Ese Idogen 3 resizedAs I got more involved in the work in Tourgbene, Bomadi region in Delta State, Nigeria, I realized that the water here is ‘everything”. Everything is done in the water, drinking, bathing, fishing, excreting and it is the main source of waste disposal. Malaria, diarrhea and other skin infections are still quite prevalent. I thought of showing them how to dig a pit latrine, but ‘how’? Everywhere is water. I saw women struggling to feed their children. The majority are fisher women. The majority of the men were either so busy playing the local chess in the jetty or drinking the local gin “ogogoro”.

Morning has Broken - Part One

by Sr. Ese Idogen MMM      Nigeria          03.05.2022
Srs Lucy Agbese Ese Idogen Torugbene resized

I received my letter that evening after a special evening missioning prayer. I was filled with feelings of excitement and at the same time, anxiety. I was going to Torugbene? Alone? As I laid on my bed, I could hardly sleep. I thought of all the stories I have heard. I thought of the water, the life in the creeks, the isolation, the floods and I remembered I heard someone say in amusement, “you will get to attend Mass only once in a month”. I burst out laughing, it was a joke! Oh, so I thought!

The Little Dog

by Sr. Jo Anne Kelly  MMM      Ireland          01.05.2022

dog on a lead resizedEvery morning I take an early walk. Many people are out at that time, staff hurrying for duty in the hospital and others like me just taking a walk- One especially, he is an elderly man with a little brown and white dog. That little dog is so inquisitive. He has to investigate everything on the way- everything- corners, stones, gateways, cracks in the pavement, litter. He hops up unto the grassy patch and investigates the tufts of grass, sniffs every dandelion and daisy. What I admire is the patience of the owner. Though he has him on a lead, he never pulls him back. I said to him one day “Your little dog is very inquisitive” “O yes” he said “He has to check out everything for himself before he decides if it is worth going after”

I lift up my eyes to the mountains

by Sr. Noeleen Mooney MMM         Ireland     28.04.2022
mourne wall resizedWhen I returned to Ireland after many years in East Africa, I joined a local hill-walking group.  Apart from pandemic lock-downs, we meet every second Sunday, from September to June.  For me, it has opened up a whole new world of challenges, new vistas and awesome beauty.
Recently, we did a sponsored walk in aid of Ukraine.  It was billed as the “20, 20, 20” Challenge.  It was done on March 20th, covered 20 kms and we each donated Euro €20 and it raised Euro €1000. 

The Spider

by Unknown MMM Author undated          Ireland        26.04.2022
spider resizedThere is a story told of a spider. Above all creatures the spider knows what ‘depending’ means. Its whole life depends on the fragile threads that laced together make home. The spider could weave the most intricate webs. The web was a real piece of artistic skill and technical know-how, an ideal combination of form and pattern. Spiders from all over came to view the web, unsuspecting insects and flies found themselves meshed.

Birds' Nests

by Sr. Noeleen Mooney MMM       Ireland   24.04..2022

birds nestHave you ever wondered about birds’ nests? No, I don’t mean the size, shape or colour of them. What really amazes me is how they stay together. I mean how does the builder get the first few twigs to form a sturdy foundation if it is perched precariously on the sometimes-slender branches of a tall tree? Does it ever fall down and have to be rebuilt? I’m not sure, since I have never really watched the early stages closely enough, and nests are usually inconspicuous until almost completed.

MMM and Franciscan Collaboration

Guest blog by Sr. Joyce Zarnick OSF         U.S.A.          22.04.2022
Sr Joyce Zarnik OSF resizedI’d like to speak of how the collaboration between the Franciscans and the Medical Missionary of Mary began.  I am Sister Joyce, a Franciscan from Clinton, Iowa.  After teaching junior high for 42 years, I realized that I needed something a bit easier to do with my life.  So, I retired from formal education and started looking for a new means of service.  I found it in a diocesan newsletter sent to all religious in the Chicago area.  Each month there is a column which lists any opportunities for employment.

Every Day Earth Day

By Nadia Ramoutar   MMM Communications Coordinator         Ireland       21.04.2022

Isn’t it a pity every day is not considered Earth Day, not just tomorrow?seeds sprouting

When issues of climate change are limited to scientific arguments we often miss the bigger picture for our Earth. The impacts are not only physical but have emotional, spiritual, economic and gender contexts. For the MMMs, we are actively working in many environmental issues to help improve the quality of life for some of the world’s most vulnerable people in Brazil and Africa. We see healing in broad strokes and realise that helping have access to clean water, healthy food and ways to overcome hunger are very important. This Spring we have been celebrating “The Seeds of Hope.” Our appeal has been to share our skills and resources with the most vulnerable people to sowing seeds – literally and metaphorically.

The Therapists

by Sr. Prisca Ovat, MMM          Kenya       20.04.2022  
therapists resizedTwelve masseuses and masseurs recently graduated from the East African Institute for certified studies. Sr. Prisca and 11 other palliative caregivers were generously funded by Misean Cara to avail this course. Unique about this group was their varying academic qualifications. From primary school dropouts to medical officers and degree holders, we all learnt at the same pace when it came to massage. None was more qualified than the other. Respect was crucial to us, undetermined by educational level. The main focus was learning to the best of our capabilities to optimise our patients’ care.

Going to Galilee

by Sr. Jo Anne Kelly MMM        Ireland       18.04.2022

he is risen resizedFor some years I lived in Ibadan, Nigeria. It is a vast city with a huge population. Many of the people of our parish lived in overcrowded apartments with inadequate shared facilities and an unreliable source of water especially in the long dry season. But there was nothing inadequate about their zest for life, their ability to make the best of what they had, and their belief in a God who “was in control “of everything.

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