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Be not Afraid

by Vera Grant  AMMM         Ireland           03.08.2022
girl on chair resizedHow many times have we heard or read these words? It is said that they appear 365 times in the bible – one for every day. I don’t know. I haven’t counted.
Our celebrated poet, Seamus Heaney, before he died he sent a text message, written in Latin telling his wife, not to be afraid.
What is it about dying that we fear and want to reassure our loved ones not to be afraid. Is it to mask our own fear?

Sounds of Summer

by Nadia Ramoutar      Communications Coordinator           Ireland        01.08.2022

seagulls resizedIt is summer here in our part of the world, though in Ireland that is a vague term.  While it is certainly warmer, the sky today looks more like October.  Someone recently asked me when I felt most free.  I am reminded of being a little girl growing up in Dublin and my grandfather driving me to the beach to see my aunt.  She lived directly across from the sea in a place called Skerries, not far from where my office is now.

Anybody want a Doctor?

Editor: The following article was first published in an early MMM magazine. I enjoyed it so much I thought our blog readers would enjoy it too

by Medicus, an unnamed Volunteer Doctor      1957           30.07.2022
stethoscope resized

You never know what kind of a job you will be asked to do out here – outside of your regular work, I mean. It may be trying to get that bundle of capriciousness which goes by the name of “Hospital Transport” back into working order. In which case I’m usually the one supplying the sweat and the groans at the back, when the mechanical genius up the front can think of nothing else to do and blithely climbs into the car, lights a cigarette, and tosses out the careless words “All right now – try her with a bit of a push!” While he vainly clashes gears and pumps clutches with a warped and almost diabolical pleasure, you, with the shirt sticking to your back, think what you would really like to do with that push.


by Sr. Sheila Campbell  MMM         Ireland      28.07.2022

barcodes resizedSometimes God comes to tickle you with joy.  At least that is the way I thought about it after I had seen this scene.  The other morning, I walked into our chapel for morning prayer and there it was.  The sunlight was streaming through the French windows, through the folds of the net curtains, creating a pattern on the carpet.  “Barcodes”, I thought, almost immediately. That is when I was tickled pink. Isn’t it great that even God has a barcode!

Precious Stones

by Mary Coffey  AMMM     Ireland        26.07.2022

stones resizedBelow is the text of an email that I sent to Colette Morris, head of Migration in the Irish Red Cross, in 2019, less than a month after our Community Sponsorship Group, called 'New Beginnings Kells' welcomed a Syrian family who had been living as refugees in Lebanon. Colette has been my mentor and my friend on this journey.

Colette, as we move out of the pilot phase of Community Sponsorship I just want to share with you a story about stones. A few weeks before the family arrived a woman stopped me on the street and asked me for the individual names of the family. She wanted to go to Bettystown beach with her nephew Michael to collect nice roundy stones on which to paint their names, and to place them in the garden.


by Sr. Cecily Bourdillon   MMM       Ireland       24.07.2022     

SrCecilyBourdillonA few days ago, I received a message from a member of staff of Kasina Health Centre in Malawi telling me of the death of our mutual friend, Yohane. May he rest in peace. The message added that his mother thanked God for answereing her prayer. Yohane's mother had asked God to take Yohane before calling herself. She knew that she was the only person who could or would care for him.

The Tea Towel

by Sr. Sheila Campbell  MMM            Ireland           22.07.2022

tea towel resizedLast week someone came into the kitchenette in our office area and took a tea towel. I say ‘took’ although I am tempted to say ‘stole’. I was mad, furious, and beside myself at the injustice of it. How could they! I had bought these with my own money, labelled thm with a permanent marker, and was beginning to feel pride in looking after our common area. I was strongly tempted to march into another kitchenette and steal one of their tea towels. Before I go any further, I am pleased to say I resisted the temptation.

Unfolding the Petals of Poetry

by Sr. Margaret Anne Meyer  MMM       U.S.A.        20.07.2022

poetry resizedPoetry has, until recently, been a mysterious garden where words blossomed like wildflowers. They looked lovely but what was their meaning? How come the ending words did not rhyme but carried me to a different world?

It all began three years ago when I met Damien in the hall of the residence of the Little Sisters of the Poor. He was seeing the place where his mother, Alice Sullivan, was going to reside. “You should meet her,” quipped Mother Maureen, as she met me walking past Damien. Alice had gone to Nigeria in the 1970’s to 1990’s to study Anthropology in the University of Lagos. It was an excellent opportunity to make friends and welcome Alice into the residence. Mother Maureen, a Little Sister of the Poor, knew we would have a lot in common through our love for Nigeria and the people.

Studying to Learn: A unique mission

by Sr. Chinyene Lumenze  MMM        England                18.07.2022      

Sr Prisca Ovat 2022 resizedA young man once accompanied his dad to see a friend called James. When dad and son arrived at James’ home, they exchanged greetings. James stooped to the boy’s level and said, “Hello, I’m James” The little boy responded with a “hello, I am Marcus” Then James said, I am a constructor. And to the boy, he asked, “What do you do?”. The little boy said, “I go to school.” James gave him a warm smile and said, “Do that well,” and the little boy said, “Sure.”

The above story reveals the power of education, evidenced in confidence expressed by the little boy. Education, they say, is power. Educate a child, and you have educated a nation. Education for me is not limited to classroom learning and being taught but to how the knowledge is applied. A formal education without good family values that spring from informal education in the family may not be powerful.


by Sr. Prisca Ovat MMM     Kenya     16.07.2022

bee resizedBees, as many of us would have become aware, are numbered among great pollinators of over 75% of global leading crops.  Many MMMs and friends would recall the sweet honey often given away by the MMM sisters in Makiungu.  They valued bee farming and, as a result, many become beneficiaries. Little wonder our African ancestors, in their illiteracy, and even among the classroom-uneducated of our time, are in the fight for bee preservation. 

Now, listen to this story.

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