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Back to School

by Nadia Ramoutar      MMM Communications Coordinator    Ireland     04.09.2022

back to school resizedWhen I was a little girl, I loved back to school time. I think it may be my obsession with new pens and paper that was at the heart of it. Perhaps it was the chaos of my homelife that made me love school so much. I don’t know exactly why but although I always hated for summer to end, I was always delighted to get back to school. I was a fortunate child who had great school friends (I still have the same friends I did then!) and lovely teachers. I loved to learn and I still do.

Hands and Eyes

by Eilín Teeling, AMMM             Ireland                 02.09.2022

holy communion resizedSt Teresa of Avila in Spain (1515-82) famously wrote that:

“Christ has no body on earth but yours.
Yours are the eyes with which he looks compassionately on this world.
Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good.
Yours are the hands with which he blesses all the world.
Christ has no body now on earth but yours."

Listen to the Voice of Creation

by Sr. Margaret Anne Meyer MMM           U.S.A.                         31.08.2022
almond tree resizedRecently, I received an invitation from the Faith Leaders of an ecumenical group to join in the annual Christian celebration with the ecumenical family around the world to unite and pray and protect our common home. The Season celebration begins on September 1 and ends on October 4, the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi. This year the theme will be “LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF CREATION”

The Shape of a Lovely Day

by Theresa McDonnell Friström AMMM     Ireland          29.08.2022

stone map of Ireland resizedI like spending time with friends because it enriches my soul.  This was written in June 2022.

Two Anamchairde,
Two funerals,
One in a Catholic Church,
In Wicklow
One in an Islamic Mosque,
In Dublin
On a beautiful sunny day
Close to midsummer.

Hearing and Music

by Sr. Cecily Bourdillion MMM           Ireland           27.08.2022

gramophone resizedI begin every day thanking God for the many gifts showered upon me - and one that is so very precious is that of hearing. What would my life be like without music?

I love Classical music. My first memory of music is listening to that which emerged from the "gramophone" of my father. As he moved around in rural Africa in the 1930's he carried with him "His Master's Voice" records, thick and heavy, that were played on the gramophone. The equipment was wound up with a handle. What amazing technology! As a needle ran along the grooves of the record, sound came forth!

A Windy Day

by Sr. Jo Anne Kelly MMM        Ireland        25.08.2022

hair in the wind resizedA suggestion this month is to write about my favourite thing, favourite anything. There is so much goodness and beauty in life I have so many favourites.  But I do love the wind and I love a windy day. The wind speaks to me of openness, freedom freshness and abandonment.

As a child on a windy day I loved to go out into the middle of a field, loosen the plaits in which my mother had carefully put my long hair and let the wind take my hair in all directions. It was thrilling and I wished that I could fly.  I had no words then to explain how I felt. But I did know that it was going to be painful to sit in front of my mother with her brush and comb, with hair being pulled and tugged to try to remove the tangles and get it back to some kind of tidiness. But it was worth it.

What makes me happy

by Sr. Liana de Jesus        MMM        Brazil/Kenya        23.08.2022           

paints resizedRecently I have been thinking about the things that bring me great happiness.  Today, what gives me joy and happiness is to recognize the deep meaning of religious life.  I accept this in my daily living as an MMM.  When I am away from the community and one MMM Sister from my community calls or send a message to know how I am, this gives me joy and a sense of belonging.  This also applies when one Sister travels, the house seems empty, and I count the days to be together again.  We share the happiness and sufferings of our families and community and bring them to prayer.  One of my biggest joys now is to live in a community where young women are in the initial stages of religious life.  I know I help in their development as persons.  I have noticed how much my joy and happiness can be a great contribution to their lives.

Rewilding the Heart

by Sr. Sheila Campbell MMM        Ireland       21.08.2022

wildflowers resizedMany people nowadays understand the term “rewilding”. At least it has become popular with an increase in ecological awareness and sensitivity to biodiversity. One definition of rewilding is: “conservation efforts aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and wilderness areas. Rewilding is a form of ecological restoration with an emphasis on recreating an area's natural uncultivated state.”


 MMM Blog Editor            Ireland       19.08.2022

Editor’s Note: MMM Sisters regularly face situations of war and civil conflict as they go about their medical missionary work. This is the story of one Sister. The original document contains names, dates and places. All have been generalized to protect the identity and safety of the Sisters still working in this country.

guerillas resizedOn June 19th, I arrived in this country and was privileged to work in ministry with another group of Missionary Sisters I will call “Angels”. We ministered to the poorest of the poor in this war-torn country, providing primary healthcare and health education. We also empowered women’s groups to set-up small businesses to sustain their families. We did all this while working closely with and in support of the local Church. One month into my stay, on July 20th, I was returning from the city to our Mission station with another Angels Sister. We had permission from the local police and military to do so. When we arrived, a group of rebels (the local guerrilla force) was looting our mission for food and medicine. We were greatly alarmed! I shouted to get quickly out of the car because there was a hand grenade under the car. We jumped out of the car and flung ourselves to the ground as there was a hail of bullets around us. We crawled behind a tree and stayed frozen. We were terrified and thought we would be killed.

Summer, Sunshine and Showers

by Sr. Helen Aherne  MMM         Ireland           17.08.2022       
old head of Kinsale resizedLong bright days with sunshine and no showers. Longer evenings when we were allowed to go out to play even after teatime. New dresses and sandals. Taken on holiday by our father to our Aunt and Uncle’s house in Kinsale. They were people who laughed and smiled a lot. Their house was always full of laughter and smiles. Life was full of fun.

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