Costello, Sr. M. Cornelia

Costello, Sr. M. Cornelia

Sr. M. Cornelia CostelloNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 479
D.O.B. 20.03.1931
First Profession: 06.05.1961
Died: 02.08.1984 Aged: 53 years
Mary Enda Teresa Costello entered MMM at Clonmel on 8 September 1958. Although she was originally from Kerry, she had lived most of her life in Dublin.  A qualified teacher at the time of her entrance, she gave invaluable service to MMM in the early years following Vatican II, in formation ministry.

After profession in 1961, she completed a degree in theology in Regina Mundi in Rome. She returned to give classes and renewal courses to the professed Sisters until she became ill. She spent some time in Rosemount and then in Clonmel as postulant mistress. These ministries were interrupted by periods of ill health and hospitalisation for many years.

In 1969 she was asked to work on the MMM Constitutions in preparation for our General Chapter.

Sr. Cornelia is remembered as an academic, prayerful and vulnerable person.

Her brother had joined the Columbans in pursuit of his desire to be a missionary but had died while still a seminarian. This inspired Mary to take his place, as it were.

Sr. Cornelia died and is buried in Drogheda.

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