O’Connell, Sr. M. Ursula

O’Connell, Sr. M. Ursula

Sr. M. Ursula O ConnellNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 179
D.O.B. 12.09.1892
First Profession: 17.03.1950
Died: 22.12.1958 Aged: 66 years

Mrs. Rita OConnell (née Rita Maher), a mature widow when she entered MMM at Rosemount on 16 July 1947, was full of life and enthusiasm. She was born in Tullow, Co. Carlow.

Following profession, she was assigned to St. Patrick’s, Kiltegan, for six months’ general housekeeping duties. She then returned to Rosemount.

In 1952 she became seriously ill and returned to Drogheda to recuperate. Following her recovery, she was put in charge of the philatelic (stamp) department.

Most of her ministry was spent in promotion work in our communications offices. She was also at the helm of our house in Bettystown for a long time and did tremendous work there, especially in landscaping the garden and making the house more homelike. During her time there, another house was purchased in Bettystown, later St. Ursula’s Nursing Home. This house was named after Sr. Ursula.

Following eleven full and happy years with MMM, Sr. Ursula suffered a heart attack and was transferred to the IMTH in Drogheda, where she died on 22 December 1958. She is buried in Drogheda.