Murphy, Sr. M. de Montfort

Murphy, Sr. M. de Montfort

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 99
D.O.B: 28.09.1923
First Profession: 08.09. 1946
Died: 07.10.1973 Aged: 50 years

Nellie Murphy, from Milford, Co. Cork, entered MMM on 26 August 1943. She trained as an nurse in St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin and then staffed as theatre sister from 1947 to 49 in Drogheda.

In 1949 she was assigned to Nigeria, where she was in charge of the operating theatre in Anua until 1954, when she returned to Drogheda to do her midwifery training

Sr. de Montfort had leadership qualities, which were exercised as matron and Sister-in-charge in Anua. She possessed a strong, generous personality, full of life, with a real ability to relate to people: the neighbours, patients, their relatives, the staff, and with her own MMM Sisters. She was loved by all and is fondly remembered in Anua and the surrounding area. She was always considered a happy person.

She returned to Drogheda for 1959 to1962, when she had disc surgery. Following another tour in Anua, she underwent a second operation in London in 1967.

She suffered from ill health during her last years and returned from Nigeria to the London Tropical Hospital where she died.

Sr. de Montfort is buried in the MMM plot in Drogheda.