Climate Change – Students Letters to Future Generations

Climate Change – Students Letters to Future Generations

By Sr. Prisca Ovat, MMM

Coming to the end of my mission in Kenya, global warming was my last topic with the group of high school students I mentored. I asked them each to write a letter to future generations. What would they like to say? It is quite fascinating to read their thoughts on this global menace. I found them emotional and worth sharing as we are drawing to the close of another year.

“We are sorry for your suffering.  It is not that we do not know but the world tends to assume everything told until it comes upon us. Maybe in time to come, you are not going to have a place to live, or a life to enjoy due to the mess that we did.  Please take care of the environment.  Planting trees may be seen as an outdated thing but very important in human life.  Please be generous to the environment.”

“Hey there future, I would like to talk to you about many several things, but first, our world is in danger right now.  May you find peace and may God grant you good health.”

“I am writing this letter to inform you, our future people, about what is coming.  There will be an unusual earth, but I would like you to take care.”

“I wish the world can change the way it behaves now to avoid global warming. I really don’t want to see you suffer because of our deeds.”

“My dear future generation, there are a lot of things happening right now in our world.  The world is changing, and we are the cause of it.  It may somehow feel like we are ignorant of it, but it is due to our lack of consciousness.  We do not know who or what you might turn out to be, but don’t worry, it’s all going to be okay.”

“Take care of yourself and the future for a better tomorrow.”

“There will be direct sunlight due to the destruction of the ozone layer leading to drought and famine.  People would develop skin cancer from direct UV rays.”

“Rapid growth of industries has led to excess emission of CO2 which destroys the ozone layer leading to global warming.  The scientists should look for a better way apart from the use of industries to produce goods else everything on the beautiful earth will be destroyed, and where will the next generation live?”

“Hey, I would just wish that we live exemplary lives because the world keeps changing and we don’t know what may happen next.  Remember that challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

“My concern is that I don’t know if we will continue to live for long because of the things we do.  We continue to ruin our world with earthly things, and I do not know what the future will be like.  If I get to have children in the future, I would like to encourage them not to destroy our world because they will not have a place to stay.  Let us continue protecting our world.”

“Take care of yourselves because the world might be ending very soon.”

“The world is changing rapidly. How will you survive this chaos and drama?”

“Let us use our today to change our tomorrow.  Every deed has its consequences.  The desired change starts with you. Nothing changes when nothing changes.  The world is a dangerous place to live in because of those who do nothing about the evil committed against it.”

With love
From the Form 4’s