McMeekin, Sr. M. Michaeli

McMeekin, Sr. M. Michaeli

Nationality: Scottish
Congregational Register No: 437
D.O.B. 14.04.1914
First Profession: 06.05.1959
Died: 01.02.1981 Aged: 66 years

Catherine Spellacy McMeekin, known to us as Sr. Michaeli, entered in Clonmel on 7 October 1956. She hailed from Airdrie in Scotland and was a true Scotswoman to the end!

St. Benedict’s Rule reads:

At the gate of the monastery let there be placed a wise old woman who understands how to give and receive a message, and whose years will keep her from leaving her post.

This seems a very apt quote for Sr. Michaeli, who is still remembered for her warm hospitality in her roles as porter or receptionist. She also worked in the sewing room and the cafeteria in the IMTH in Drogheda.

Unfortunately, MMM lost this sister gifted in hospitality in the same traffic accident that claimed the life of Sr. M. Francesca Deehan, a tragic end to a quiet Sunday afternoon drive.

Sr. Michaeli is buried in Drogheda.