McLoughlin, Sr. Julie

McLoughlin, Sr. Julie

Congregational Register No. 491
D.O.B. 22.06.1935
First Profession 03.10.61
Died: 08.08.2005
Aged: 70 years

Julia Ann McLoughlin was born in Dublin, the eldest of six children. She was educated by the Presentation Sisters and after finishing secondary school did a commercial Course at Rathmines Technical School. She continued on to Gregg Commercial School, Dublin, and worked as a secretary before entering MMM in 1959.

Following formation, Sr. Julie’s secretarial skills were put to good use in the nunciature in Dublin and later at Drogheda as secretary general. In 1973, she was asked to assume responsibility for the congregation as Mother General, a post which she held until the Chapter in September 1974.

Julie’s first overseas mission was to Malawi in 1976 and she remained there until the end of 1981. She held both secretarial and leadership posts there. She loved the country and was held in high esteem by the people she served.

She spent eighteen months in Rome, Italy, before returning to Drogheda and a position in the central secretariat for two years. She was later elected as local leader, a job she loved, and spent a total of seven years in this position.

In the 1990s, Julie had the opportunity to once again serve in Africa, when she was assigned to Benin City, Nigeria. This was an enriching experience for her and she served in Nigeria for six years before returning to the Motherhouse in Ireland in 2001 to take up the position of MMM archivist.

Julie loved MMM and contributed to the life of the community in any way that she could. She had energy and enthusiasm, often volunteering as a driver and happy to be involved in organizing the liturgy, or whatever else needed to be done. She was a cheerful, smiling presence.

She became ill a year before her death and after medical investigations was told that the prognosis was poor. People were shocked that such an energetic person with so much still to offer had been stricken in this way. Julie’s initial reaction was shock and disbelief, but she soon came to an acceptance. She started to plan for the last lap of her earthy journey in the thorough and systematic way in which she had always conducted her affairs. Julie wished this last part of her life to be as serene and calm as possible.

She contacted her many friends worldwide and they came from all over to visit her and say their goodbyes. She personally answered the many letters she received from the wider MMM family and she arranged her funeral down to the last detail. Julie continued to work in the archives for as long as she was able. She had always loved to read and carried on reading almost to the end, thoroughly enjoying discussing what she had read with anyone who would join her.

Shortly after celebrating her 70th birthday, Julie was transferred to Áras Mhuire, where she was looked after with great love during her final weeks. She slipped into unconsciousness 48 hours before God finally called her home on 8 August 2005. Four siblings and a number of MMMs were present at the time of her death. Her funeral was a true celebration of a life well lived.