McGrath, Sr. M. Ines

McGrath, Sr. M. Ines

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No. 616
D.O.B. 17.04.1929
First Profession 03.10.1964
Died: 11.10.2002 Aged: 73 years

Born in Kildare, Agnes McGrath did her early schooling in the Presentation Convent. After finishing school she worked in an office. She entered MMM aged 31 and took the name Sr. M. Ines. After her initial formation, she worked in the hospital cafeteria in Drogheda. In 1965 Sr. Ines began nurse training but discontinued after a year and a half, feeling she was not suited to nursing. She worked in the Apostolic nunciature in Dublin for five years, before returning to Drogheda to work at the reception desk in the IMTH. In 1973 she was assigned to the USA. She spent a year in Winchester, MA, and returned to Ireland to do a commercial course. After this she worked in the hospital in Drogheda in a variety of jobs before being assigned to Tanzania in 1979.

In Tanzania, Sr. Ines served in Arusha and in Dareda Hospital. She worked primarily in administrative jobs and as local bursar. However her health was not good and it was recommended that she return to Ireland. There she was local bursar in some of the smaller communities: in Kilmacow, Waterford and in Temple Villas and Crumlin, both in Dublin.

Sr. Ines was a marvellous mimic and entertainer. She enjoyed parties and always came prepared to entertain the audience! She loved to sing and was a member of a choir wherever she went, involving herself in many musical presentations. Wherever she worked, she was noted for her kindness and compassion towards others. She had a wonderful gift for making friends.

Over time her health deteriorated and in 2000 she transferred to the Motherhouse community. Within a few months, more nursing care was needed and Ines moved to Áras Mhuire. She died peacefully on 11 October 2002 and is buried in Drogheda.