McGlynn, Sr. M. Martina

McGlynn, Sr. M. Martina

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 216
D.O.B. 20.11.1929
First Profession: 08.09.1951
Died: 18.03.1995 Aged: 66 years

Sr. Martina came from near Strabane in Co. Tyrone and had been baptised Annie Josephine. She entered MMM in Drogheda on 11 January 1948.

In 1960, after general nurse and midwifery training, she was assigned to Nigeria where she worked in Abakaliki until 1967. On her return to Ireland, she spent some time nursing Mother Mary and did a course in the School of Tropical Medicine in Liverpool.

She returned to Nigeria from 1971 to 1973, working in Ndubia as matron.

She qualified as a nurse tutor and after a few years as nurse tutor in Ireland, in the IMTH and St. James’ Hospital, Dublin, she was assigned to Malawi. Her years in Mzuzu were varied ones, spent between nursing, being matron and nurse tutor. In 1992, she became Area leader.

Her sudden death of a myocardial infarction was a big shock to all, especially her community. She had gone to bed with ‘just’ malaria and a bad headache and had been feeling ‘good’. One of the Sisters looked in on Martina on her way to evening prayer.Sr.  Martina had already gone to God by the time the Sisters looked in after prayer. She was interred in Mzuzu.

Her family found her death very hard to accept, as she had been expected home shortly to console them on the recent loss of other family members.