Marshall, Sr. Anita

Marshall, Sr. Anita

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 387
D.O.B. 21.08.1930
First Profession: 05.03.1957
Died: 05.09.2005 Aged: 75
Mary Theresa Marshall came from Dungannon, Co. Tyrone in Northern Ireland.  She was from a family of seven, four brothers and three sisters.  She entered MMM in 1954, age 23, and took the name Sr. M. Anita.

Sr. Anita spent her early years in MMM at Drogheda doing general duties. Her first assignment outside of Ireland was to Winchester, MA in the USA in 1964, where she undertook promotion work, book-keeping and general help for two years.  In 1966 she was assigned to Pope John XXIII Seminary in Weston, MA, USA.  There she looked after the household and finances and made many friends among the seminarians, remaining in contact with them after ordination. While she was in Weston, Sr. Anita obtained a diploma in book-keeping

1973 saw Sr. Anita in Lisbon, Portugal, for language classes in preparation her for her next assignment to Angola, where she stayed for two years before returning to Ireland in 1976.  She stayed in Ireland until 1988 working in the Motherhouse and in the congregational business administration department at Mell. She studied for a diploma in social and economic studies (social science) with the National University of Ireland. She was finally assigned to what would become her beloved Tanzania.

Poor health brought Anita home in December 2002 and she hoped for a long time that she would be able to return to Tanzania. That was not to be, and she remained in Drogheda until her death.

Those that wrote about her spoke of her kindness and helpfulness, her concern for others, her sense of humour, her wise advice about financial management, and her patience and availability.  She had a loving family who visited her regularly and were very attentive to her. She in turn loved them and was always so happy to see them.  She was a very spiritual person and was very grateful to all those who prayed with her and helped her on the last part of her journey to eternal life.

Anita was moved to Áras Mhuire in April 2005.  The last months of her life could not have been easy as she had difficulty in breathing and was on continuous oxygen. She bore this with courage and grace, and complete trust in the Lord.  She was called home, quietly and peacefully, early in the evening of 5 September 2006.