King, Sr. M. Joannes

King, Sr. M. Joannes

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 146
D.O.B. 11.05.1894
First Profession: 16.03.1948
Died: 08.07.1967 Aged: 73 years

Sr. Joannes entered in Drogheda on 8 September 1945 as Mrs. Nan King (née Bolger). A native of Co. Wexford, she had been living in Co. Down since her marriage to her late husband. She took great pride in the fact that the new parish church in Newcastle was built on her rose garden!

She had no children but seemed to have lived a full and happy married life. Travel and the ‘things of this world’ were not strangers to her, as she took much joy in recounting. John, her beloved husband was well known to all of us by hearsay. She was a very kind and efficient person.

Her ministry covered Drogheda, the Apostolic nunciature in Dublin, Kimmage, Rosemount, Clonmel and Naples.

Sr. Joannes died and is buried in Drogheda.