Join Us In Prayer

Join Us In Prayer



Prayer is a very important part of our MMM life. We are here to pray with you and to support you spiritually in challenging times. 

You can sign up for us to pray with you about a specific request and you can also download our prayers and inspirational images for your use. 


We are happy to hear from you and encourage you to return to us here as often as you need. 

Prayer Circle:


Please let us know how we can support you in prayer:
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  • Dealing with illness or surgery
  • Feeling low and struggling
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Caring for the needs of a loved one
  • Stressed about the demands of life
  • Feeling lonely or anxious
  • Concerned about the wellbeing of the world
Prayer Sharing 


Here is a collection of prayers we offer you in times of trouble so you may have the words of comfort you need right now.


In Time of Covid 19

Lord, I may be well but many around me are sick.  I feel helpless to reach out and heal.  As each patient struggles to breathe, help them, Lord, through my breathing.  As I breathe in, may your love infuse me.  As I breathe out, let this love spread all around me.  In and out, in and out.  I breathe with and through you, Lord.

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In Time of Stress

Lord, I can’t cope any more.  It is all just too much.  It is all coming on top of me.  Did you feel that way in the Garden of Gethsemani?  Help me, Lord, to step back.  Help me to take a deep breath and know that you are always with me.  I can rely on you, I trust in you.  Amen.


Facing Medical Tests

Lord, the future is unknown and uncertain.  I may have to face the fact that I am sick.  Give me the strength and courage to face the future, whatever it may bring.  Help those who are guiding me right now.  Help me and help my doctors make good choices.  I trust myself to your loving care.

When Feeling Lonely

Mary, my mother and my sister, when Jesus left Nazareth did you feel all alone?  That is how I feel today.   The loneliness weighs down my heart and leaves me fretting and a little bit anxious.  I know I can turn to you and tell you all my troubles.  You have carried so much more.  Be close to me and bring me close to your son, Jesus.

Fed Up

Lord, today I am just fed up.  I am restless and can’t settle to any small task.  Give me peace of mind so that I can think of others and not be self absorbed.  I want to do your work in this wide world of ours.  Give me serenity in body, mind and spirit.


Lord, I can’t cry but there is a heaviness in my heart because of my loss.  I walk around in automatic pilot mode, smile and thank those who want to comfort me.  Inside I am screaming, “No, no, it is too much!”   Help me, Lord. Let me lean on you.  Give me strength just now when the pain is sharp. Let me put my hand in Yours.


The Open Door

Jesus, you are the open door. You stand there, between me and the outer world.  You invite me outside, to see and respond to the suffering of the world.  Help me see your face in the poor, the sick and the lonely.

Jesus, you are the open door.  You open up my inner world.  You invite me to let go of my worries and cares, my doubts and contradictions.  They escape into a wider space and gain perspective. Thank you, Jesus.


Lord, winter is coming.  It is cold and dark and all around me.  I see old, brown leaves and barren branches.  And yet – what is that?  New buds are forming already in the hedgerow.  Yes, I must face the death but you have given me already the promise of new life.  I thank you, Lord.


What was it like for you, Lord, growing in Mary’s womb?  Did you hear your mother’s heartbeat?  Did you hear your own?  Here I am, waiting for your birth, and yet you are already here.  Can you hear the heartbeat of the world?  Help me listen to you as I listen to others around me this day