Hurley, Sr. M. Liguori

Hurley, Sr. M. Liguori

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 137
D.O.B. 29.08.1912
First Profession: 08.09.1947
Died: 18.08.1978 Aged: 66 years
A native of Farranthomas, Co. Cork, Sheila entered on 8 December 1944.  She had trained as a midwife and after first profession was assigned to Nigeria, where she worked for many years in Anua and some of the out-stations, especially Akpa Utong, (founder member).

Later she worked in Urua Akpan. After four years staffing in Drogheda she returned to Nigeria to work in Ibadan and Ndubia.

At one stage she was assigned to Naples, but her time there was very short as she had great difficulty in mastering the Italian language.

She is remembered as being very sensitive, kind and gentle and seems to have had a rich inner life. She was whole-hearted in her love and care of the mothers and babies!

In June 1978, she returned to Ireland because of ill health and had surgery, but died shortly after. She is buried in Drogheda.