Friel, Sr. Anna

Friel, Sr. Anna

Nationality: Scottish
Congregational Register No: 622
D.O.B. 11.10.1941
First Profession: 03.04.1965
Died: 27.12.1985 Aged: 44 years

Anna entered MMM on 2 January 1962. She was a sister of Mary Friel, MMM and a native of Croy in Scotland.

She did general nurse training in Drogheda and psychiatric nursing at St. Loman’s Hospital, Palmerstown, Co. Dublin. This was followed by nine months in Whitechapel, London, and a course with the Irish Heart Foundation on intensive coronary care techniques. She then returned to Drogheda for her midwifery training.

In 1972, Anna was assigned to Brazil (São Paulo) where Brazil’s friendly people appreciated her outgoing personality. She was involved in nursing and parish work until 1976, when because of ill health, she was re-assigned to Drogheda where she did nursing, including general relief work.

In 1982 she was assigned to Kenya as matron in Kakuma, returning from there on sick leave at the end of 1984.

Back in Drogheda, she appeared to be doing well and at the end of 1985 had planned to have a New Year’s holiday with her family.  Two days beforehand she was found in her room, having choked to death while eating a tangerine. It was a very sad death and many of her community were deeply upset, especially at the thought of her dying alone.

She is buried in Drogheda.