Doyle, Sr. M. Augustus

Doyle, Sr. M. Augustus

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 379
D.O.B. 03.08.1912
First Profession: 03.05.1957
Died: 22.05.2000 Aged: 87 years

Mary Doyle, from Galway, entered MMM in Clonmel on 2 July 1954.

Already a qualified and well-practised medical doctor, she was assigned to Uganda shortly after first profession. She worked in Kitovu Hospital, Masaka, until 1980.

Most of her experience before entering had been in general practice. This she continued in Kitovu, where she was known far and wide, especially for her dedication to her patients.

Sr. Augustus, as a delegate at the 1959 General Chapter, had one project very dear to her heart, for which she campaigned relentlessly. She wanted consideration to be given to founding another branch of MMM –  the MMMMs – in other words, the Male Medical Missionaries of Mary. Her reasoning for this was very practical. Apart from being available to say Mass if ordained, the men would also be invaluable for supervising buildings and looking after electrical faults, repairs, etc.!

Because of progressive ill health and hearing problems, she finally returned to Ireland in 1980. She worked in Drogheda as hospital librarian for several years.

During this period, two of her older sisters, both of whom were very incapacitated, were living in Dublin. Sister Augustus made the trip by bus to Dublin regularly to care for them and occasionally take them out. She was very good to them.

When Áras Mhuire was opened, she was one of its founder members. Her deafness increased in her latter years. This must have been difficult for her, but she remained ambulant almost to her last days, and was described as “a very gracious lady”.

She is buried in Drogheda.