Cunningham, Sr. M. Felicity

Cunningham, Sr. M. Felicity

Sr. M. Felicity CunninghamNationality: Scottish
Congregational Register No: 288
D.O.B. 17.06.1915
First Profession: 21.12.1953
Died: 06.05.1987 Aged: 72 years

After many years of searching for a spiritual home, which involved exploring Buddhism, the Quakers, the Salvation Army, etc., Mary (Oliver) Cunningham from Duns in Scotland finally found her home in Catholicism and entered MMM in March 1951.

She was a highly qualified nurse when she entered, and her overseas ministry was spent primarily in Nigeria – in Obudu, Ikom and Ibadan, and later, in the 1970’s, in the Ajegunle Project in Lagos.

Felicity spent five years, 1963-1968, as matron in Clonmel. She finally worked from 1979 – 82 in parish ministry in Romiley, England.

She had a font of stories and was a lot of fun, literally a free spirit. One of her favourite songs from Salvation Army days went like this: ‘God loves pie, God loves pie, God loves pious people!’    It was one of her party pieces.

Sr. Felicity had quite a long illness, quietly and bravely borne in the IMTH, before being called to new life in 1987. She is buried in Drogheda.