Costelloe, Sr. M. Margaret Cecilia

Costelloe, Sr. M. Margaret Cecilia

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 463
D.O.B. 15.03.1901
First Profession: 26.04.1960
Died: 10.12.1974 Aged: 73 years

Cecilia Costelloe, from Cork and Dublin, was a well-qualified and experienced nurse when she entered on 3 October 1957. She had been matron in the Carmelite Boys’ College in Terenure, and they much regretted her leaving.

Apart from formation time, her seventeen years in MMM were mainly dedicated to our sick and infirm as she took on the role of infirmarian in Beechgrove. She also served as home sister in the nurses’ home attached to the IMTH.

She was a disciplinarian, no doubt from her experience with the boys in the college, but was also a very kind and conscientious lady.

She nursed at Mt. Elgon in Kitale, Kenya, from 1963-1965, returning to Ireland because of ill health.

After her recovery, she served as Sister-in-charge of the MMM community in the apostolic nunciature in Dublin. She died in Drogheda and is buried there.