Clerkin, Sr. M. Loreto

Clerkin, Sr. M. Loreto

Sr. M. Loreto ClerkinNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 113
D.O.B. 02.02.1908
First Profession: 08.09.1945
Died: 21.07.1973 Aged: 65 years

Baptised Mary Alice, from Rockcorry, Co. Monaghan, Loreto entered MMM in Drogheda on 28 October 1943. She had been a priest’s housekeeper before entering and continued as a capable and warm-hearted provider while in MMM. From 1948 – 50, she was assigned to St. Patrick’s, Kiltegan, which MMM was helping to staff at the time.

In 1950 she was assigned to Nigeria, where she added architecture and building to her other talents. She used these in Anua, Use Abat, and even more so in Urua Akpan, in the initial foundation of St. Mary’s Hospital. She also worked for a while in Ikom.

After home leave in 1965, she was assigned to Masaka, Uganda, but had to return to Ireland because of eye trouble.

While visiting her brother Owen and family in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY, USA, in 1973, she collapsed and died. She was buried in the United States, in Cornwall-on-Hudson.