What makes me happy

What makes me happy

by Sr. Liana de Jesus        MMM        Brazil/Kenya        23.08.2022

Recently I have been thinking about the things that bring me great happiness.  Today, what gives me joy and happiness is to recognize the deep meaning of religious life.  I accept this in my daily living as an MMM.  When I am away from the community and one MMM Sister from my community calls or send a message to know how I am, this gives me joy and a sense of belonging.  This also applies when one Sister travels, the house seems empty, and I count the days to be together again.  We share the happiness and sufferings of our families and community and bring them to prayer.  One of my biggest joys now is to live in a community where young women are in the initial stages of religious life.  I know I help in their development as persons.  I have noticed how much my joy and happiness can be a great contribution to their lives.

Another source of joy for me recently was my holiday in Brazil.  It was a time of many blessings.  When I went home, I received a lot of energy and words of encouragement for my mission.  I discovered how much I feel loved by my people in Brazil, and how much my presence meant in the lives of others.  Another thing that made me happy was becoming aware of my formators’ work in the past.  It has helped me forgive my past, my family, my parents, and some good friends.  I had the opportunity to visit most of my family members this time, living in different places.  I received lots of love which I was not expecting from them, from the people in my home parish where I grew up.  Even when I am far, they continue to send messages and pray for my vocation.

Daily, I get great joy in my hobby.  I love painting, sewing and all kinds of artistic expression.  I can have a lot of work to do, both in the community and in the Ministry, but I always find time for my hobby.  Some people don’t understand how I can be sewing on Sunday or making cards.  When I am alone, I can work better.  I receive some inspiration and this time I use to show love for others. This makes me excited and brings happiness to my life.

We only can offer what we have and receive. These are all the gifts God has given me for free, my biggest happiness is to give out the love received.