Trust in God

Trust in God

 by  Sr. Sheila Campbell   MMM            Ireland            24.06.2022

stone wall resizedWhen Mother Mary Martin was in her early sixties, she wrote to one of the Sisters: “The great thing is to learn from our failings and not be discouraged. This discouragement is a subtle form of pride.”   I was thinking about this recently when I was planning some work for later this year and feeling discouraged and downbeat at the prospect.

“It is just too much to take on.” “I won’t manage to do a good job.” “I won’t be able to do it in the time frame set out.” “I don’t have everything I need.” Can you hear these kinds of thoughts running through your head from time to time? That is when I am called to sit back and laugh at myself and let God take charge of my life. To think that I am responsible for everything is just as bad as being totally irresponsible, and I suspect there are more people in the world overly responsible than the opposite.

The problem is thinking we are in control.  And it is very tempting to want to be in control of a situation.  But if there is one thing that Covid-19, and now the war in Ukraine, has taught us is that none of us is ever totally in control of events or circumstances. Did millions of Ukrainians plan to be refugees in other countries?  Of course not. The question is our response when things happen.

Over and over again, in Mother Mary’s writings, she comes back to trust. Trust God.  “Of ourselves we can do nothing, but with God all things are possible”, she says.  So, today, as I sit here a little overwhelmed at the tasks ahead, I ask God to put a cushion under me, help me sit back and take a deep breath.  All will be well as long as I don’t try to do it all alone.