Today’s Young People

Today’s Young People

by Sr. Sheila Campbell, MMM      Ireland          29.01.2023
Let me begin by saying I am no spring chicken. I am 73 years old and still in reasonably good health although the wear and tear of the years is beginning to show. So, today, when I want to write about youth, I am letting you know that I am far away from that phase of life.

A few months ago, I helped a group of young people on a college project. They were all in their early twenties and came to the house despite all the Covid-19 restrictions at that time. The group was into film-making and came with a load of equipment. They were such an up-beat group of young adults that I felt good about life and the future for a long time after that two-day workshop.

It has made me think about how good the intergenerational mix is, how it keeps us all healthy. To the young, we elders can pass on our experience and whatever knowledge we have scrambled together during life. The young give us a zest for life, a belief in the future, hope and sheer radiant joy. I love their energy, their passion.  Sure, they see things differently, but they are growing up in a different world than the one that formed me.  When I was young there was no Internet and thus, I was not as aware of the problems facing other countries.  There was no talk of climate change then.  What impressed me most about this group, male and female, was their decision-making was based on ethical thinking. I wonder was I as wise or mature when I was their age. Probably not.

So, for all of us in the “older generations”, be it parents, grandparents or, in my case “Auntie Sheila”, let us be glad and rejoice in our young people. I trust them with carrying on God’s message of love and care. They will save our planet and help us oldies pass peacefully into a fuller life.