The Tiny Miracle

The Tiny Miracle

by Sr. Prisca Ovat, MMM  Kenya 08.12.2021

Prisca in Eldoret 2021While some may refer to this as a tiny miracle, it is, for us, a huge success. Stephen Macharia was a successful taxi driver who first suffered a stroke and shortly afterwards a fall, resulting in a dislocation on his already paralyzed hand. His life is all around a wheelchair – an unimaginable, sudden traumatic experience of immobility and dependence.

Meeting him for the first time, I was shown all his MRIs and X-rays. “How can you help me to walk again” were his first words. How was I to know? All I saw was an impossible situation. However, courage led me on. After creating a working relationship with the palliative caregivers, we embraced everything before us; possible and impossible. Aware that most patients would benefit from massage, I enrolled in an online certificate course in physiotherapy/massage from my savings. And behold, my first client was Macharia. We plunged into the work with the faith that his miracle was an inch closer. In addition, the facility organizes transport twice weekly for specialist physiotherapy sessions at the referral hospital. And That was it! He got the speedy recovery he craved. After one month of person-centred care, he dared several steps unsupported.

That day was quite dramatic. He ensured I followed him right onto the street, where passersby stopped to watch this fascinating movie. Well, what mattered was the unbelievable miracle before us, not the onlookers. Our support is incredibly commendable, but his zest is everything. We are all looking forward to the days, weeks and months ahead when life shall again smile totally upon him so that he may return to his role as the breadwinner of his family.