Our Christmas Gift to Mother Earth

Our Christmas Gift to Mother Earth

by Nadia Ramoutar  MMM Communications Coordinator            23.12.2023

As the year ends, things can get busy and there can be stress around the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.  There is also a sense of rushing to get things done before 2023 snaps shut on us and 2024 arrives with all her shiny expectations.

Caring as much as we do about the state of the World makes focusing on peace all the more important as many of our Christmas cards reflect.  Peace seems to have gotten further away from us this year.  There are so many pressures on us to do so much to make the world a better place that I read something sweet and simple I wanted to share with you.  It is rare that I read something about saving our Earth that makes me smile. I t mostly depresses me and makes me feel impatient that people don’t try as hard as they could.

This suggestion was that we should order an ice cream cone and eat it.  This is better than getting a paper waxy cup or worse yet Styrofoam and using a spoon made of plastic or even bamboo.  Imagine the simplicity of this suggestion and yet the impact of the choice.

If you got cynical about this suggestion, then you really might need to question your stress level.

Are there other ways we can give the Earth the gift of our human creativity and innovation this Christmas?  What does our mother Earth need from us?  What gifts can we give to make things better and not worse?

Perhaps our commitment to give our best to the Earth would be enough?  A really deep connection to the planet and the small and simple ways we will make changes so that we are more mindful and less wasteful in all ways.

Can we slow down, relax enough to pause and ask, what more can I do?  Or what can I do less of to make it a better world?

We know what doesn’t work and the way we are currently living is not sustainable.  I am geeky fan of all things cosmic and it’s interesting that the Universe is thriving and growing – but earth, well, not so much.

Of all the things that matter to us, our home planet really does seem to need our gifts.  So it needs no shopping to get, no wrapping paper or label. Just us to be creative and to find ways to commit to living simply and sweetly.

Join me in giving our Earth a wonderful Christmas gift – our very best efforts and no more excuses.

Happy Christmas to you and your family.