In the Sacred Space

In the Sacred Space

by Sr. Prisca Ovat, MMM      Kenya          28.10.2021

Bible and cross

That space appears really incomprehensible to most mortals.
It is fully grasped by the one who knows all – YHWH.
Yet, to the one tested and proven
Has ownership and wisdom been given to access – the depth of being.

Aware of when breaking down or building up is imminent.
Whether in bliss or disarray, or even when insanity arches close,
In pain, shame, sorrow and heartbreaks,
In moments when sweetness and bitterness become inseparable,
Life appears strange, yet fulfilling and satisfying.
When breakdown lingers in the air
the healer in us relishes memories of bliss in efforts to lift the soul and spirit
This space remains a worthy place to die.

Parting such a world is never a wish.
Closing the path seems unfathomable, when deeply convinced of the one that completes – YHWH.
And why is this?
Because there will never be another space
Space deeply rooted in the one who has come to be.
The beginning and end of all.
The one adored and cherished with everything that exists.
Hold unto Him and living daily for that eternity.
This one owns all – YHWH.

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