Getting Crafty with the Sisters

Getting Crafty with the Sisters

by Nadia Ramoutar MMM Communications Coordinator        Ireland           17.11.2023

One of the joys of my work in the Communications Department for the MMMs, is that I am always overwhelmed listening to the MMM Sisters stories of what they have done and what they have seen over the years. Even our young MMM Sisters have incredible experience in healing people and empowering people in desperate situations. They work in some of the poorest and most neglected places in the world. After a life of service, many of our MMM Sisters return to our Motherhouse in Drogheda, but their hearts and minds are still very much on the mission. They never really leave.

Last year we held a Christmas Craft Fair in Drogheda in our auditorium and invited the community for the first time in 15 years. The Day was a massive success with us raising over €6,500 for a maternal health and baby clinic near a slum in Malawi. There was a buzzing of joy all day long as people gathered and purchased handmade crafts and artisan items. It was a lot of work but it was also exciting to put the “fun” back in Fundraiser. Our MMM Sisters of all ages were vibrant and overflowing with energy and Christmas cheer.

What was even more wonderful for me was to see the MMM Sisters in the weeks leading up the Craft Fair busy knitting, crocheting, making cards, ornaments and Christmas items for the Craft Fair. We are doing the same thing this year and we will have two craft making sessions to get things ready for the big day. Many of our MMM Sisters have been crocheting and knitting all year long to create exquisite handmade items for the Craft Fair.

It is so great to see all the tireless effort and hope being sewn into every item.

We are blessed to have so many caring women who will do anything at all they can to still raise money and awareness for the Sisters still at work in the field. It is such a circle of love and giving that lift my heart and helps remind me of the light and goodness still in the world. As we watch the TV news or look on social media there is so much destruction and it weighs on the heart. Seeing the Sisters busy making beautiful items creates a true feeling of Christmas.

If it is possible for you to join us, our Craft Fair will be 25th November 2023 at the Auditorium in Drogheda. We would love to see you there. If you can’t make it, keep us and the Sisters in your prayers as we make Christmas magic for the whole community to share with the world and people in most need.