Feast of the Visitation – MMM @ 85

Feast of the Visitation – MMM @ 85

by Sr. Prisca Ovat MMM     Kenya      31.05.2022
Eldoret 2022 Srs Agatha Bakahirwa Prisca Ovat and Ukachi Ibeh resizedAwakening to this beautiful day, and conscious of the great day which we celebrate, a day without which none would be here, we pondered on an invitation from the Congregational Leader to “ dream of where we will be 85 years from now, or even 10”. Like wishes, dreams offer hope, whether true or false, but we always dare to dream.

Together with AMMMs and staff, we reflected on the meaning of the visitation and how this encounter inspires our actions to go in haste to meet a human need. Mary’s selfless service becomes an invitation for us all to be mindful of the vulnerable with us.

As high as 100 years, or as low as 10 years, when as yet, some shall cease to exist. But our hopes are that MMM shall live for a thousand generations, and only these dreams, as inspired by all the dreams dreamt, shall sustain the future.

What future do we dream of? One question asked bothered about vocations. Would there ever be an end to the hard cry for “lack of personnel”? Our desire to thrive through vibrant communities, across various parts of the world, as well as, pass on the vibrancy, can only be fulfilled in response to the question. We admit that this call to evangelization is a unified collaboration amongst all God’s people, as individuals and groups that the message of Christ shall once again spread to the Western world and bear fruits in plenty.

In gratitude to all our supporters over the decades, we today, dream widely for a time when we shall be very self-sustainable through multiple streams of resources. As we hope and pray, we dream of a future that shall compel us out of our fears and comfort, daring us to embrace the challenges of our time and of the times to come. It is a possible future!