Let Go With Grace

Let Go With Grace

by Nadia Ramoutar    MMM Communications Coordinator          Ireland                     14.07.2023

Sometimes no matter how faithful we are, life does not go our way.

Suffering can bring us to our knees because the unexpected takes our breath away. We find ourselves at a crossroads in a life we did not expect or want. We can find ourselves questioning everything. Recently in the news a large number of refugees drowned trying to flee their country for something safer or better. If we think of the refugee risking their life to abandon their home and everything they love, there was nothing they did to create a political situation that is dangerous or even deadly forcing for them to endure. In an attempt to evade suffering, they died.

Decent and kind humans are often shot down in the crossfire of unfair warfare. Justice is not always correlated with deserving. Those living in the most remote areas with the least resources available to them did nothing to warrant the hardship life hands them and their children.

This is where the MMMs often deliberately bring their mission work because no one else will go there to help the destitute.

Hopelessness is an understandable response to the bleak path that we sometimes face for what seems like no good reason. MMM Missions often bring hope and healing resources to forgotten corners of the world.

Recently, I was speaking with someone facing a difficult disease diagnosis and no way of changing it. No medicine or therapy will reverse it. She is sitting and waiting for the illness to take her life as she knows it from her.

How do we sit with such news? What prayer do we offer to cope?

People come from different walks of life and have different ways of expressing faith in the face of conflict or challenge. While we serve one God we all have our own paths. Our MMM Sisters are no exception. They achieve almost saint or angel like accomplishments. Even after a life of selfless service to God and the most vulnerable people in the world in the most remote areas, there is no guarantee the way the story will play out. We do not do good deeds to bargain with our destiny. It is a calling to serve with no strings or promises attached.

Perhaps Ralph Waldo Emerson offers us some guidance in his quote “Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.” If we can realise that we as humans are part of nature. Grounding ourselves like a tree with deep roots in the ground we may find the comfort we seek. The wind and the rain may come but when we have deep roots, we can remain safe in the storm. When we let go of what we expect, like a leaf we can gently fall from the tree drifting down when are ready. In the presence of grief we can use our faith to let go with grace and wait with dignity.