Epiphany 2023

Epiphany 2023

by Sr. Jo Anne Kelly MMM    Ireland        05.01.2023  

One night in Nigeria, as on many nights then, we had no electricity. Having had a busy day I had no time for private prayer. I took a chair to the garden, and sat down to pray, surrounded by the natural sounds of a tropical night. It was peaceful. I looked up. The sky was magnificent, a vast starry sky, with thousands of little twinkling lights bringing wonder and a real awareness of God’s presence into the dark night.

I wonder how the Magi felt when they saw the Star- so bright they were drawn to follow it.

Pope Francis says the Magi were wise and wealthy men. They could have remained content with what they already had and knew but they allowed themselves to be unsettled by a question and a sign- “Who is He who has been born for we have seen His star?”

They set out on their journey with the star lighting their way. They found the Infant Jesus in Bethlehem. We are told they returned home “a different way”. They were changed by their encounter with Jesus. They had found a new way of seeing and thinking.

Every day we listen to the troubles and suffering in our world. Many do not know the real meaning of Christmas – the coming of the One who brings hope, peace and love. The visit of the Magi from the East was evidence that Jesus came to save all people, all of us.

For many the world it is a very dark place. But even in the darkest night a star will shine. Can I be that star? Can I let myself be unsettled by the doubts, fears and questionings of others especially of our young people and be a star, a light, to help them on their journey through life?

I cannot change the world but I can make brighter the world of the person I encounter.