A Useless Bit of Information

A Useless Bit of Information

by Sr. Sheila Campbell  MMM      Ireland        20.09.2022

The other day I was in the car as a passenger, commenting to the driver about the other cars as we bowled along the motorway. “Did you know”, I said, “That cars from the North of Ireland have the letters X,Y or Z in their number plates?” Some one gave me that information a few years ago. . And then I said, “That is a useless bit of information for you”.

Well indeed, I thought afterwards, what a thoughtless thing to say.  All information is part of a pattern and patterns are how our world and our creation are revealed to us.  Science is all about seeing connections and links and the more you delve into any aspect of science you begin to marvel at the Big Intelligence (God) who created these patterns in the first place.

My favourite way of seeing the Big Picture is to look at the stars and planets.  Our sun is only one of many. Our galaxy extends out and there are other galaxies.  The more you ty to understand the more the vastness becomes.  Finally, because we are limited to human intelligence, you realise that there comes a point when you stop thinking and just rest in awe and wonder.

It is the same with people. Sometimes, thoughtlessly, someone will say to a clumsy person,” You are useless!”  Or it maybe to someone caught up in the spiral of addiction.  No matter what, there is no such thing as a useless person. When I say it, I betray my own lack of self-worth. God does not make useless people. If we believe at all, we believe that each person is created to reflect out to others something of the tenderness of God.  Do some people get it wrong?  Yes, and we can lie, cheat and even be cruel. But that is not what are made for.  I am aware that I do not always live up to the great plan God has for me.  But I try – and that is all God asks of me. I am not useless, nor are you.