A Rainy Day in the Woods

A Rainy Day in the Woods

by Sr. Bernadette Fadegnon    MMM   Republic of Benin/ Brazil     11.05.2022

path in woods resizedA rainy day in the wood
She peeped through her widow
It is raining, she murmured.
She wished the rain could stop,
So that she can go in the woods
To enjoy the company of trees, of birds, of animals, of insects.

She sat back for a minute.
She peeped through her widow again.
Ah, the rain is just dropping now
She decided to make her way to the woods.

As she arrived at the door
That leads outside she heard…
Wash out! It is going to rain again.
She acknowledged, but proceeded.

As she arrived in the wood,
She felt some drops of rain on her skin.
She thought to herself…
At least I am here.

In the blink of an eye,
The weather began to brighten us!
A little light penetrated the trees.
Ah- ah- ah- the sun is here!

She felt a deep joy which was radiant in all species present in the wood.
Wow! the deep desire I have to be here,
Seems to be the desire of these creatures.
Hum, I can feel a reciprocity
Thank you, she uttered.

Now the trees are happily dancing with their giant sounds to the rhythm of the Wind.
The birds each species emitting their different sweet melodies.
The butterflies making merry around.

She joined in the happy harmony.
And began to play with leaves and dried sticks.
And chasing butterflies,
Admiring their beauty and ability.

Now as she prayed around,
A tree caught her attention.
She stopped, admired the way the tree had grown
Tall and firm to a good height.
Before growing branches around like a circle
And the tree will continue growing and grow branches in a circle
Branches which looked so healthy and beautiful.

She admired.
She touched.
She felt.
And said… I have found a soulmate in the middle of the woods!
She laughed
It is crazy she chanted.

She stayed around to enjoy peace, harmony, beauty and deep joy.
Imagining a world
Of beauty
Of harmony
Of similarities in the middle of differences.
Nothing happens by accident, she added.
As the ancient wisdom emphasised,
What we desire is also desiring us.