In this section of our website, you will find a short entry about the life of each of our Sisters who has been called by God to embark on her eternal life. No doubt you will find inspiration in reading how each one responded to her calling while on earth. We pray to them to help us on our journey.

If you knew one or more of these Sisters personally, or are connected through family ties, or simply like what you read, please contact us and tell us what you would like to add to that entry.

"The death of those can never leave us free from grief whose friendship during life was a solace and delight." Saint Augustine, City of God.

When Loved Ones Leave Us...

Sister Benedicta Friel MMMSister Benedicta was born Margaret Friel in Derry City, Co. Derry, in 1929, the eldest of 4 children. She received her early education at St. Eugene's Convent School. After training in bookkeeping and shorthand she spent some time in office work. Her real interest was in nursing, so in 1951 she began training in Hope Hospital in Salford, near Manchester, England, and qualified as and nurse and midwife in 1956.
She greatly loved her time there and became a loyal fan of Manchester United. She then worked in the Waterside Hospital in Derry.

Nationality: British
Congregational Register No: 203
D.O.B. 18.03.1920
First Profession: 25.12.1950
Died: 14.06.1990 Aged: 70 years

Margaret, from Yorkshire, England, entered MMM on 14 May 1948. She was a convert to Catholicism from the Church of England. She came for an interview with a view to going overseas as a lay doctor, but Mother Mary convinced her she had a vocation to MMM and Margaret never regretted that.

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 419
D.O.B. 29.06.1937
First Profession: 28.10.1958
Died: 28.04.2007 Aged: 69 years
Elizabeth Veronica Furlong came from Balyconigar, Blackwater, Co. Wexford.  Known as Elsie to family and friends, she had four sisters and one brother.  The young Elsie Furlong entered MMM at the beginning of 1956 and took the name Sr. M. Rosetta.

Sr Elizabeth GaynorNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No. 401
D.O.B. 27.08.1934
First Profession 08.09.1957
Died: 12.03.2001 Aged: 66 years

Born in Tullow, County Carlow, Sr. Elizabeth, known as "Lizzie" to the family, entered MMM in 1955, shortly after leaving school. After initial formation, Sr. M. Laserian, as she was then known, trained as a general nurse in Drogheda and then as a dietician in London.

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 128
D.O.B. 30.05.1918
First Profession: 08.09.1947
Died: 07.01.2000 Aged: 82 years

Born in Glenkeel, Kiltyclogher, Co. Leitrim and baptised Mary, Sr. Aidan came to MMM on 8 December 1944.

Sister Bernadette was born in Dublin in 1933. She learned about MMM from her parents, who were great supporters of Mother Mary Martin in the early years of the Congregation. Bernadette joined MMM in 1952. After profession she helped in Drogheda, Clonmel, and in the Apostolic Nunciature in Ireland, mainly in catering.
In 1962 she was assigned to Kenya, at a time of great famine in the Turkana area.

Nationality:  Irish
Congregational Register No. 404
D.O.B.:  22.08.1932
First Profession 08.09.1957
Died: 20.02.2009   Aged:  76 years

Catherine (Kathleen) Gallagher was born into a farming family in Co. Leitrim.  She had four brothers and one sister.  After completing her education at the St. Louis Convent, Bundoran, Co. Donegal, she worked in a Bundoran hotel for several years.  She entered MMM in1955, aged twenty-two, and took the name Sr. Mary Enda.

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 349
D.O.B. 08.05.1916
First Profession: 02.07.1956
Died: 27.09.1999 Aged: 83 years

Maria, from Newry, Co. Down, entered MMM on 31 May 1953, as a highly qualified nurse/midwife. Consequently, her first overseas mission assignment came shortly after her first profession. She was midwifery sister and matron in Anua, Nigeria, from 1956  to 1961, where she gave herself generously to the work.

Sr. M. Laurena GallagherNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 309
D.O.B. 25.05.1932
First Profession: 01.06.1954
Died: 08.10.1989 Aged: 57 years
Remembrance of Ena, from Geevagh, Co. Sligo, brings lots of smiles. She always appeared to be such a happy and fun-loving person, even in her last years of illness.

Sr. M. Aquinas GlennonNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 139
D.O.B: 04.11.1920
First Profession: 08.09.1943
Died: 24.04.1947 Aged: 26 Years
Kathleen, who came from Kilrickle, Loughrea, Co. Galway, entered MMM on 31 October 1940. She arrived at Drogheda with Mother Mary, who had driven her from Kilrickle, and to the amusement of all, a goose that had been given to her as a going away present!

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