In this section of our website, you will find a short entry about the life of each of our Sisters who has been called by God to embark on her eternal life. No doubt you will find inspiration in reading how each one responded to her calling while on earth. We pray to them to help us on our journey.

If you knew one or more of these Sisters personally, or are connected through family ties, or simply like what you read, please contact us and tell us what you would like to add to that entry.

"The death of those can never leave us free from grief whose friendship during life was a solace and delight." Saint Augustine, City of God.

When Loved Ones Leave Us...

Nationality: Irish
Congregation Register No: 214
D.O.B. 24.04.1930
First Profession: 06.01.1952
Died: 01.02.1981 Aged: 50 years

Mary Deehan, from Ardmore, Co. Derry, who entered MMM in Drogheda on 3 October 1948, seems to have fitted a lot into her years with MMM. After catering training in Cathal Brugha Street in Dublin, her ministry covered time in both convent and hospital kitchens, the sewing room in Drogheda, and the Apostolic nunciature in Dublin.

Sr. Rose DoneganNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 269
D.O.B. 14.04.1930
First Profession: 08.09.1953
Died: 01.04.1975 Aged: 45 years

Rose, known for a short time as Sr. M. Stanislaus, came from Castletown, Co. Meath and entered in Drogheda on 3 October 1950.

Sr rifid DevineNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 302
D.O.B. 10.03.1920
First Profession: 01.06.1954
Died: 13.09.1990 Aged: 70 years

Brigid, known in MMM for many years as Sr. M. Phelim, was from Laragh in Co. Cavan. She entered in Drogheda on 3 October 1951. Her ministry overseas was in Nigeria from 1958 to 1966, in Anua and Ibadan. She then returned to Drogheda.

Sister Kathleen was born in Newpark, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland in 1935. She attended a local primary school and went to the Loreto Convent in Omagh for her secondary education. She qualified in psychiatric and general nursing and in midwifery at Belfast City Hospital. She had an adventurous spirit and after a year’s experience in Ireland, she worked in Zambia as a lay missionary. She spent two years there as a nurse and matron. In 1971, shortly after her return home, she joined the Medical Missionaries of Mary.

sr_pat_ann_devineNationality:  British
Congregational Register No. 291
D.O.B.:  03.02.1919
First Profession:  01.06.1954
Died:   07.02.2010     Aged: 91 years

Charlotte Eliza Devine was born the second of three sisters in Dundee, Scotland.  She disliked her given names and called herself Carol. She trained at Southern General Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland, and became a registered nurse/midwife, going on to obtain her health visitor certificate in 1948.

Sr. M Agnes DoranNationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 11
D.O.B. 21.05.1920
First Profession: 17.03.1941
Died: 06.02.1959 Aged: 38 years

Sr. Agnes, better known to us by her baptismal name of Sheila, was one of our early members - number 11. She came from Enfield in Co. Meath. Sheila was a very young girl when she entered at Rosemount on 21 May 1938. She had a very gentle disposition and was loved by everyone who knew her.

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 33
D.O.B. 14.06.1916
First Profession: 02.07.1943
Died: 27.07.1989 Aged: 73 years

There were quite a few Nigerian Sisters in Beechgrove, Drogheda, when news came of Sr. Camillus' death in Afikpo, Nigeria. Their participation in the Mass offered for her in Drogheda was fine testimony in itself to the love and respect that they felt for her. But then Sr. Camillus had laboured for so many years in Afikpo.

Sr. M. Catherine Anne DoughertyNationality: American
Congregational Register No: 538
D.O.B. 01.09.1939
First Profession: 23.04.1960
Died: 26.05.1970 Aged: 30 years

Sheila, who came from Chicago, entered MMM in Winchester, Massachusetts, on 12 September 1957. She is fondly remembered as being vivacious and loving, laughing and joyful, as well as sensitive and dedicated to MMM. She had a beautiful singing voice. After first profession, she came to Drogheda, where she did her nurse training.

Sr Mary Katherine DonatoSister Mary Katherine (Dominic Savio) Donato was born in Coatesville, PA, USA in 1931. She completed her early education there and trained as a nurse. She worked as a staff nurse in Boston, in Pennsylvania, and in Cape Cod Hospital - which she especially enjoyed - before joining MMM in Winchester, MA, USA in 1954. After profession she completed midwifery training in Drogheda. Soon after, in 1958, she was assigned to Nigeria, where she served for four years in Urua Akpan as a nurse-midwife and in the pharmacy and outpatients’ department.

Nationality: Irish
Congregational Register No: 379
D.O.B. 03.08.1912
First Profession: 03.05.1957
Died: 22.05.2000 Aged: 87 years

Mary Doyle, from Galway, entered MMM in Clonmel on 2 July 1954.

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