US Newsletters & MMM Supplements

We, MMM Sisters, create annual appeals to help raise awareness and resources for our overseas mission.  A Supplement publication is created twice a year and shares information about the current appeal. Each MMM Supplement has a different focus.  

Here is a collection of recent and past Supplements.  -

MMM US Newsletters:

MMM US Easter Newsletter 2022  |  MMM US Autumn Newsletter 2021

USA  Autumn Newsletter 2020  |  USA Summer Newsletter 2020

USA Thanksgiving Newsletter 2019  |  USA Fall 2019 Newsletter  |  MMM US Spring/Summer 2019 

 USA Lent / Easter 2019 Newsletter   |  USA Fall 2018 Newsletter  |  USA Easter 2018 Newsletter

USA Summer Newsletter 2017  |  USA Easter 2017 Newsletter Final

USA Summer Newsletter 2016 Final  |  USA Winter Newsletter 2015. 

USA Fall Newsletter FNL 2014   |  USA Summer Newsletter 2014  |  USA Easter Newsletter 2014

USA Summer Newsletter 2013  

MMM Worldwide Supplements:

MMM Easter Supplement 2022 

 MMM Christmas Supplement 2021 |  MMM Easter Supplement 2021

MMM Easter Supplement 2020  |  MMM Christmas Supplement 2020

MMM Easter Supplement 2019  |   MMM Christmas Supplement 2019

MMM Easter Supplement 2018  |   MMM Christmas Supplement 2018

MMM Easter Supplement 2017  |   MMM Christmas Supplement 2017

MMM Easter Supplement 2016  |   MMM Christmas Supplement 2016

MMM Easter Supplement 2015  |   MMM Christmas Supplement 2015

MMM Easter Supplement 2014  |   MMM Christmas Supplement 2014

MMM Easter Supplement 2013  |   MMM Christmas Supplement 2013

UK -MMM Supplement 2013  |  Ireland - Europe Supplement 2013

MMM Easter Supplement 2012  |   MMM Christmas Supplement 2012

MMM Autumn Supplement 2011  |  MMM Christmas Supplement 2011



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