“My name is Uyai (not original name). I am twenty six years old. I am married and this was my first pregnancy. I had this sad experience of VVF for six months. I was pregnant and during labour, I went to a prayer house to deliver. This happened when the doctors during my AnteNatal visit warned me that I can only deliver through Caesarean Section (C/S). 

post operative ward in Itam edited

The prophetess in the prayer house prophesied that I should not go back home and also I should not go to the hospital for the C/S. So I remained there in the prayer house for three days. The baby’s head was in between my legs and could not come out. On the fourth day, the baby had died, and I was rushed to a hospital where the body of the baby was taken out. I was unconscious for two days, and the following day when I regained consciousness, I struggled to wake up on my own but I couldn’t because all the muscles on my legs were very weak. From then I discovered that I could not control urine and feces anymore, neither could I stand up or walk. 

A terrible experience. I lost hope of living and never wanted to see anybody again, even my husband. He encouraged me to stay at the prayer house. I was just waiting to die when my husband came in one day and begged me with tears to please follow him to one hospital called VVF. I finally agreed and that is how I have become a normal person again. I can walk and I am dry’. ‘I do not know how to thank this hospital. The six months with VVF was like ten years in hell for me and they brought me out from there’.

Uyai in recovery editedSr Sylvia and baby resized



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