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Do not cling to me

by Sr. Sheila Campbell, MMM     Ireland        17.04.2022
sunrise resizedToday we celebrate the Risen Christ. Alleluia! But do we really understand the full meaning of the Risen Christ? The older I get in years, the more I realize that I am only at the beginning of my understanding.

I Feel Sad Tonight

by Sr. Monica Prendergast MMM      Ireland/Uganda        16.04.2022
A reflection on the grief of a mother whose child died from malnutrition
pieta resizedLord, I feel sad tonight.
I lift up to you that poor mother I saw today.
Comfort her broken heart and
O Lord, comfort all mothers who mourn
But especially mothers
     whose children die of hunger.
For, O Lord, I do not think you meant
Your little ones to feel the pangs of hunger.
What has gone wrong with your fair world?
You never meant so few people
     to possess so much
     while little children starve.

The Broken Body of Jesus

by Sr. Sheila Campbell   MMM           Ireland            15.04.2022   
pieta michelangelo resizedLast year, and the year before, it was Covid-19. This year it is war. The broken body of Jesus is flashed before us each day as we watch the images of death and destruction. What is our response to the unfolding tragedy we behold?

Breakfast at Coffey's

by Dr. Mary Coffey AMMM      Ireland   14.04.2022

Editor’s Note: This blog was chosen for this day, the Celebration of the Lord’s Supper, to remind us that sharing a meal is one of the greatest gifts God has given us.

sharing bread resizedMission is a story about which I cannot keep silent. I was on the Meath Diocesan Mission team for the Extraordinary Year of Mission in 2019. There was some debate as to whether we were speaking of Mission abroad or Mission at home. The Mission of the Church is one and, if we must make the distinction, it is my contention that Mission abroad has come to our shores in the person of the refugee. This has been my great passion since 2017, welcoming and caring for refugees, Syrians initially, but more recently Afghans and more recently still meeting Ukranians in the course of my work.


by Sr. Noeleen Mooney MMM     Ireland    12.04.2022

frenzyOne of my favourite pieces from the Gospel is where Jesus tells us:

“Which of you can live a few more years by worrying about it?  If you can’t manage even such a small thing, why worry about other things?” (Luke 12.25-26)

Mother Mary to the Sisters, Passion Sunday 1963

Letters of Mother Mary resized

by Lisa Murphy    MMM Archivist        10.04.2022

As we celebrate Palm Sunday, we look back at a letter written by Mother Mary Martin on Passion Sunday in 1963 to the Sisters in Makiungu, Tanzania. The MMM Archive is extremely lucky to hold many of the letters that Mother Mary wrote during her lifetime. Her words remain a source of inspiration and can be applied to many of life’s circumstances today.

What Sr. Cora Wall taught me

by Sr. Margaret Anne Meyer, MMM     USA      08.04.2022
Cora Wall resizedA few years ago, I was asked to watch a webinar about the works of The United States Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking. They showed four branches, Education, Communication, Advocacy and Survivor Protection. The Sisters who spoke were very enthusiastic about what they were involved in. I asked if I could please join the Advocacy group and was accepted. Little did I know what was involved! I had to learn the terminology used when contacting legislators about passing a bill which would help the men, women, and children involved in human trafficking. I did not realize how many men were caught up in forced labor in the sea food industry and little children lured from another West African country with a promise of education or be forced to work for long hours in the sun and use a machete to harvest cocoa beans.


by Sr. Ruth Percival  MMM     England      06.04.2022

Sister Ruth Percival resizedWhen I was a child in the 1950s my family used to attend the local parish in Derby. One Sunday, we and the rest of the people were astonished to see two Nigerian men come in. We had not seen black people in Derby before.
After Mass, my Dad asked my Mum would we invite them to our house. Mum said, “of course”, and so Edmund and Anthony became frequent visitors, and even the bus driver would remind them of their stop. They wore beautiful, traditional dress and got to be known in our neighbourhood, especially at ball games. They were really good!
Edmund said he would pray that I would become a Reverend Sister one day and go to Nigeria! My parents kept in touch with Edmund until he died and then with Monica, his widow, until my Dad died.

Foundation Day

Sr. Jo Anne Kelly  MMM    Ireland       04.04.2022
Mother Mary 1 resizedOne morning recently I visited Mother Mary’s grave. In need of some inspiration, I said to her “I haven’t written anything for a while, is there anything you want me to write about?”
Well, that very evening as I was just finishing my supper, Sr. Sheila came to me and said “Would you write something for Foundation Day?” I should have known that when Mother Mary wanted something done she wasted no time in getting it done.

Never too old

by Sr. Sheila Campbell    MMM         Ireland       02.04.2022

almond tree resizedToday my older sister celebrates fifteen years of marriage. Yes, fifteen, and she, like me, is in her seventies. This is her second marriage and today I just stopped and thought – it is never too old to take up a commitment, to fight for a cause that aroused us, to say ‘yes’.

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