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Wherever You Are

by Sr. Noeleen Mooney, MMM         Ireland        14.07.2022

fork in the road resizedMy favourite piece from our MMM Constitutions is:

“Wherever you are,
whatever you do,
let there be in your heart
a space for others to be,
so that, unafraid,
they may experience themselves as loved
and so be healed”

Over the years I have had several experiences of migration (meaning moving from one place to settle in another) and of transition. This is the life of a missionary and it has enabled me to look at the experiences and to what it has done to me as a person.

Orangeman's Day

by Sr. Sheila Campbell MMM        Ireland        12.07.2022
protests resizedEvery 12 July in Northern Ireland we celebrate Orangemen’s Day. At least, one half of the population does! When I was a child, it was the two weeks of the year when my parents chose to go to the sea on holiday. There was also a celebration in the small seaside town, but we children loved the marching bands, the parade, the crowd and just being part of it. As adults, we began to reflect on the meaning of the day and perhaps were less enthusiastic.

Things are opening up

by Nadia Ramoutar    MMM Communications Coordinator          Ireland     10.07.2022

open doorNews headlines lately from Rome tell us that in the words of Pope Francis “things are opening up a bit.” The Pope made this comment after it was announced that he intends to appoint two women to the Vatican's Dicastery for Bishops, marking a historic first for the office tasked with advising the pontiff on which Catholic priests to appoint as bishops across the world. (National Catholic Reporter, 6th July 2022)

What a Welcome Means

by Sr. Kerisfon Clement Ekanem  MMM     Republic of Benin      08.07.2022

hospitality words resizedI had a visit from one of our young women thinking about joining MMM, Fidelia.  She and her younger sister visited me in School. I welcomed them and presented them with water and some snacks. She commented, “In School as in the Community”. I sought to know what her comment meant.

On Fire with Love

by, Sr. Jo Anne Kelly   MMM     Ireland     06.07.2022

holy spirit resizedI like to do crosswords. A few days ago a clue I had was “to set on fire” and the answer that fitted was “enkindle”.  I love that word enkindle.  I learnt it first from the prayer we say to the Holy Spirit.  “Enkindle in us the Fire of your Love”.  It is a beautiful prayer.  What would this world be like if we all tried to enkindle within us the Fire of God’s Love?
Everybody knows that love is the only thing that can make a world where everyone can be happy. It is the one commandment we have been given - to love. And yet our world is torn by violence, greed, abuse, injustice and every kind of selfish behavior.

Dancing with God

by Sr. Sheila Campbell  MMM        Ireland      04.07.2022

toddler resizedHave you ever watched a toddler learning to walk?  You know the way they lift up their arms to be raised up and, while the parent is holding both little arms, the child will venture one foot forward, and then hesitate. These first steps are rightly celebrated by the parents. They are the first steps towards independence and growing up.

Dragon Fly

By Sr. Margaret Anne Meyer  MMM       U.S.A.      02.07.2022

dragon fly resizedAs a child, I was always afraid of these Dragon Flies. Would they bite me?  And now, at our Poetry Class, we studied them in full detail. The teacher, rushed to her phone to show us one.  Most of us had never seen one, or else we needed a refresher in memory.  We were all old enough to remember Lauren Becall, but had forgotten her descriptive dress of turquoise dots.

Could the head of an insect be that grotesque? I could just imagine the beady eyes rotating everywhere. How could it miss me? But I never got bitten.
The most amazing line was that the dragon fly was God’s Justice. God took a long time in the making of it. How could this be when the whole earth, sky and sea took place in a few days? Various theories were put forth, but none seemed satisfactory.

A Knock at the Door

by Sr. Beatrice Iyioko   MMM       Angola       30.06.2022
knock on door resizedUsually knocks at the door alerts us to the presence of a guest. This visitor may be someone known or yet unmet by us. They come with a request, a tale, news, or some information. This could be welcoming, good, bad, or rejected.

The Joy of Growing Your Own Food

by Nadia Ramoutar, MMM Communications Coordinator     Ireland      28.06.2022

tomatoes on vine resizedMy partner did not like tomatoes at all. He would always put them on my plate if we were out somewhere eating and hope I didn’t notice. He didn’t like little ones, or big ones, red ones or heritage loom tomatoes of varying colour. But then something changed. He started to grow his own tomatoes and he started to eat them. He then started to grow little ones and big ones and tomatoes of every colour. He started to tell me how delicious the little golden ones were and how I should try them!

Nothing tastes better than food you grew yourself.

World Bicycle Day

By Lisa Murphy      MMM Archivist          Ireland              26.06.2022

Main Image OG 21 Sisters Philomena Doyle and Teresa Purcell meet on the road as they cycle to the leprosy settlement c1950s resizedIn order to draw attention to the health and environmental benefits of cycling, the United Nations has designated the 3rd of June as World Bicycle Day. They state that cycling ‘is a simple, affordable, reliable, clean and environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation, fostering environmental stewardship and health’. Here in the MMM Archive I have come across numerous references and images which are a testament to how valuable bicycles have been for MMM over the years.

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