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by Sr. Maria Borda, MMM  Malta/Tanzania    06.01.2022

The Baby Jesus with GulbienaThe Magi- Astrologers described in the Gospel ( Mt 2:1-12) had to be a little crazy leaving the security of their homeland to venture forth into a strange country presided over by a mad king like Herod, in search of a Divine Child. But their great Faith, and adventurous spirit enabled them to discover the secret of the whole universe – the secret of God’s incredible love for His people , ‘the Salvation which He has prepared for All Nations’.

Guided by a Star

By Theresa McDonnell Fristrom AMMM        Ireland       05.01.2022

Teresa Fristrom 1 resized 180322I recently read one of Fr. Richard Rohr’s sermons on the Feast of the Epiphany. His main theme was the universal symbol of being guided by a star. My reaction was subtle yet strong; a reminder; an invitation to ponder.

Arrival in Africa

by Sr. Mary Doonan, MMM    Ireland   04.01.2022airstrip 2021

The Gospel reading for Mass for Thursday 4 January 1980 was “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring Good News to the poor” (Lk4).  That day,  I was about to embark on my maiden mission voyage to Malawi. 

New Year - Same You?

by Nadia Ramoutar    MMM Communications Coordinator     Ireland      03.01.2022  

New Year Resolutions 2021Almost every year once the over indulgence of the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are wrapped up, the next tradition to face is the making and often the break of New Year’s Resolutions.  Many people are so busy taking care of other people and doing good in the world, they have a hard time doing good things for themselves.  
The heart may be sincere in the making of New Year’s Resolutions but the numbers are grim about actually sticking with it.  Research shows that after one week, 25% of people are already done with their resolutions.  By February 1st that number is increased again to 45 %.  After six months, on average 46% of people who made a resolution will still be successful in keeping it.  

A Special New Year in Malawi

By Sr. Cecily Bourdillon    Zimbabwe/ Ireland   02.01.2022

ISrCecilyBourdillon had the great joy and privilege of being missioned in Malawi for 19 years. Malawi is a small land-locked country with a population of nearly twenty million, in the centre of Africa and has the name of 'The Warm Heart of Africa'.

My first assignment was to Chipini in Zomba District in the southern part of Malawi.  MMM had been invited to Chipini by the Diocese when the burden of taking pregnant women and the very ill to Hospital in the middle of the night became too great for the Comboni Missionary community in Chipini.  The Health Centre was built and the MMMs were invited to administer it.

Christmas - A Memorable Season

by Sr. Josephine Joseph Ezior, MMM    Nigeria  01.01.2022

New born Nigeria 190322Christmas is a significant event in Nigeria and the most exciting periods of the year for most Nigerians. Everyone, both young and old, long for it. It is a season of change in the environment, change from the routine meals and businesses, but most of all, it also brings growth in the spiritual life. Christmas in Nigeria is a family event, a time when most family members come together to celebrate and have fun. Most people travel home, where other family members and relatives live. In all these, the cure is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Christmas in Kenya

by Sr. Liana de Jesus   Brazil/ Kenya   31.12.2021

CRIB 3 resizedDuring this past year we have experienced many situations that have influenced our lives in one way or the other. Events around the world,  living pos-Covid19, has challenged our creativity and has helped us survive in many countries. Our compassion, solidarity, care and charity are values revived in many places, trying to release the pain and to bring hope to many people. During this Christmas season, the light which stands out around the shepherds and the light that Jesus is, fills our hearts.  My hope is that this light which is Jesus may enlighten our minds so that we may truly direct our lives with the hope that our call holds for this Christmas. 

New Year in Salvador, Brazil

by Sr. Sheila Campbell, MMM  Ireland/ Brazil  30.12.2021

candomble ceremonyFor several years I lived in Salvador, a seaside city in the Northeast of Brazil in Bahia State.  New Year was a special time for us as it was a time to mix and mingle with people of other religious traditions.
New Year's Eve begins in the usual Catholic tradition with the Vigil Mass for Mary, Mother of God.  But it also celebrates the World Day of Peace so everyone comes to the church dressed in white.  The liturgy is enthusiastic, often singing, dancing and waving banners promoting peace.  New Year greetings are passed around among the parishioners, the final blessing given and then…..

Then a whole new celebration began! 

Christmas in USA

by Sr. Margaret Anne Meyer, MMM   USA    29.12.2021

Nina and amarylis 190322Having celebrated Christmas in Ireland, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, how can I think of something special peculiar to the United States. There is a basic longing in our hearts for the coming of Jesus. Mother Mary knew this through and through and lived that longing for many years. It was part of her, and she radiated that Presence to all of us who knew her and those who followed through her letters and the stories we keep alive in our hearts.


by Sr. Jo Anne Kelly, MMM    Ireland  28.12.2021

African Nativity Scene 190322We were two MMM communities in Eleta, Nigeria.  The novices and I were in one and, across the road, were the professed sisters who took care of St. Mary’s Hospital. Between the two, and on our side of the road, was the parish church and Christmas was for all of us.

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