By Sr. Prisca Ovat MMM  Kenya   10.01.2022

riding into the new year resizedA new year may sometimes mean trying out new things. It was nothing short of reality here with the experience of bicycling. This new adventure brought memories of the early days when sisters cycled to school and work. The motivation behind this trend is the unpleasant experience of automobile breakdown during our palliative care home visit, prompting a futuristic thought. What are the available alternatives? I thought a broken-down car should never be the end of home visitations!

I’ve always wished to cycle, although the possibility of obtaining a bicycle appeared to be a hurdle. Then I learned that one of our priests had more than one.  Seeking permission to learn how to ride using his bike wasn’t a problem.  Following a yes, I began immediately.  It was not without challenges. Those who have had the experience can relate, as skin scratching, bleeding, or torn clothes are not far-fetched.  But this was not all for me.  Seeing an adult toppling the bicycle appears as the movie of the year for the street children and teenagers. They repeatedly offer counsel with topmost concern and fun: “maintain balance!”  Every one became my mentor.  Alas! After a week of falling and rising, there is no longer an obvious difference between us.
One lesson is evident: it is never too late to learn thanks to the Will. Seeing the photos I shared with him, the bicycle donor commented: “That’s just great, Sister. You are like the riding MMMs who went to Lodwar many years ago.”  Yes! We remain MMMs in our various ministries through every available means.

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