by Sr. Noeleen Mooney, MMM  Ireland  27.01.2022

weedsWeeds – what are they?  The dictionary describes them as “wild herbs growing where they are not wanted”. This is probably how we think of them most times.  Weeds are everywhere.  They grow without being asked.  They spread with complete abandon if we allow them to.  They take a lot of time and energy to remove, if we decide to battle against them.

Think of the garden, freshly dug, planted with flowers or vegetables and not a weed in sight.  Yet you know that before the flowers bloom, or the vegetable harvest is due, you will have to wage war at least once or twice against the weeds.  Why?  Because they choke the fresh plants; they rob their energy; they deprive them of light and food, moisture and soil.  Big weeds, like dandelions, spread their roots deeply and you almost lose your precious plant in an effort to remove them.
Jesus talked about weeds too – about how they choke the seed, the seed of His word.  One reason for allowing weeds to grow is that God knows we need to take the time and energy to remove them.
Maybe the effort of removing them from our gardens, in the quiet moments, where we can be close to the earth (in more ways than one), may help us to think about some of the other weeds that choke some of the other seed, that of His Word, which is trying to sprout and grow in our lives.  Sometimes, in spite of many thorns, thistles, nettles and yes, even dandelions, fruit is being brought forth in our lives, a hundred-fold, we hope.

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