208 MMM eNewsletter January 2022

208 MMM eNewsletter January 2022




A Happy New Year to all our readers.  A happy 2022 is one with improved health for the
most vulnerable in our society and a more generous awareness of all the gifts God had given us,
our planet, our family, our neighbours.  Let us work together to bring healing to our world!


Nigeria: Abuja: Good news from the Archdiocesan Health Report. The Catholic Action Committee on HIV/AIS (CACA) collaborated with LADELA School for the distributed food packages to children living with HIV/AIDS in the communities to improve their nutritional status. 56 Children were reached. Also, Action Meal was provided by Institute of Human Virology of Nigeria (IHVN) for the reactive children to improve their health condition. 296 children were reached for assessment while 40 children received action meal.

Nigeria: Fuka: The Primary Health Care Centre is in the process of installing a new GenXpert diagnostic device. It uses solar power. They thank their networking partners and Ministry of Health for their immense support.

Republic of Benin: The Sisters rejoice on the elevation of their Ministry from Health Centre to a Medical Clinic.

Ghana: Sisters Nneka Nwanze, Lucy Agbese and Mary Dakom are the first MMM Sisters to go to Ghana for studies.

Kenya: Nairobi, Mukuru:  One of the recent achievements was the rescue of 98 girls age between 9 and 17 years who were trafficked from Uganda to Kenya near their catchment area. They got wind of where the girls were being sheltered by their perpetrators and how they faced daily violence of either physical, emotional, or sexual. The girls themselves testified to this after being rescued. The girls were successfully repatriated to Uganda and their families.


Tanzania: Faraja Centre, Singida: This year the project reached 52030 people. School clubs were set up for awareness of Human Trafficking and the use of radio programmes to reach isolated areas are all innovative projects.

Honduras: After much planning and passover to local groups, the Sisters left Honduras, both Siquatapeque and Choloma, mid-December. Well done, Sisters.

Ireland: Good news from the Motherhouse in Drogheda. We are doing our part to fight the pandemic! Our Auditorium is currently in use by Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital as a Vaccination Centre for their staff.


Sr Carol Breslin

A Special Thanks
As we begin the New Year a special thanks goes to Sr. Carol Breslin who has been Editor of all our publications for the past eleven years. Sr. Carol is returning to her home country, USA, to continue her life and ministry there. Knowing Sr. Carol, there is no talk of retirement yet!!

May God continue to bless you, Sr. Carol, as the MMM adventure continues!

Remembering the past:  The Death of Mother Mary Martin

Mother Mary Martin passed away at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda in the early hours of 27th January 1975, following an illness of many years. Sr M. Michael Farrell was present with her at the time of her death. In If you only knew the gift‚Ķ‚ÄĚ (p213), her description of Mother Mary's final moments records, of all the many deaths I have witnessed, hers was the most beautiful and serene. The announcement of Mother Mary's death brought many people to the Motherhouse in Drogheda to pay their respects¬†¬†...¬†Read More¬†¬†

Have you seen the New Look? Come and explore our new website. (www.mmmworldwide.org) Don't worry, we are the same MMM Sisters some of you already know and new web browsers will get to know!
The website is more visual and interactive. There is a blog section with a link on the home page where we have various MMM Sisters writing and also guest blogs. There are short videos you can watch.
Some of the Sisters tell their vocation story. We tell of the challenges we have faced on mission and we share our memories of Mother Mary and our prayers for the world. 

As the world concentrates on the prevention and elimination of Covid-19 other diseases can be forgotten. Malaria is one of these.
Recent good news from WHO (October 2021) on a malaria vaccine for children can bring great improvement to the global picture.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO)

  • In 2019, there were an estimated 229 million cases of malaria worldwide.
  • The estimated number of malaria deaths stood at 409 000 in 2019.Children aged under 5 years are the most vulnerable group; in 2019¬†.....they accounted for 67% of all malaria deaths worldwide ¬†...¬†Read More¬†¬†

Sr. Prisca Ovat is Nigerian, from Cross River State. She is in her thirties, vibrant and full of life! She comes from a large family of seven children.
Some of these are step brothers and sisters. But as her mothers eldest daughter, many of the household chores fell to her, including cooking.
She now marvels that she actually came to enjoy cooking, counting it as one of her hobbies. She experiments with new recipes she learns on YouTube and Google!  ... Read More

We are either seeds of universal love or seeds of exploitative racism.

We are seeds of eternal hope or we are seeds of starving despair. We are seeds of a new humanity or we are the harbingers of humanity's
It is a choice.
                           Sacred Seed by Joan Chittister