The Medford Circle of Friends

A wonderful group of dedicated supporters, called the Medford Circle of Friends, worked with the Sisters in Somerville, MA, USA, for the celebration of our 75th Jubilee. 

The Medford Circle began in 1999 with a Mission Appeal at which Sister Joan Grumbach spoke. Joan made an impression on Margie Chisholm, who unexpectedly met Joan later in Somerville and commented that it must be difficult to tell the MMM story in a couple of minutes. From then on Margie and her husband, Paul, used their resources to support us. An interested group met at the Chisholm home and saw the video of our Sisters going to Rwanda in response to the genocide. Thus was born the Medford Circle of Friends. MMM Sisters visit this group on home leave. The Circle carried out fundraisers such as yard sales and sales of gift cards and Communion bracelets, gathering more friends and making MMM better known. 

Looking for something more to do, they reserved their beautiful new Parish Centre to celebrate our 75th Jubilee with us. On 11 March, over two hundred family and friends of MMM gathered for Mass, followed by lunch and the opportunity to meet many friends from the early days to the present. One of the Sisters passed through the kitchen to say thanks to all the women and their daughters and friends. Their response was, “We are having so much fun!” These friends are a wonderful testament to what happens when we share the MMM charism with others.