Duleek Aid to Uganda

Mrs. Pauline Corry told the story of this small group of dedicated women. Based in Duleek, County Meath, they have enabled MMM to work with people in Uganda to change countless lives.

“Our Duleek Aid to Uganda started in September 1980 as a result of the pub­licity given to the famine in Uganda. During conversations bet­ween neigh­bours we realized that many would gladly contribute but felt their little offering was useless in the face of such hunger. We thought that enough small offerings put together could amount to a worthwhile sum. Because the Medical Missionaries of Mary are our local missionaries, we decided to talk to them about the idea. We met Sisters Brigid Keogh and Aengus Campion, who were just back from Uganda.  They gave us a first-hand account and offered to come to Duleek to meet the people and show slides.

“As a result, a few housewives decided to go door-to-door in their own areas to take the names of those prepared to commit themselves to a monthly contribution for one year. Because we had never collected before, all of us found it difficult to go knocking on doors but the response was marvellous. As word spread, offers came from more women to collect.  The monthly total increased.

“We brought the money to the convent in Drogheda to be sent to Kitovu Hospital. At the end of the year we decided to ask people whether they wished us to continue collecting. All generously agreed. During that time we had great help and encouragement from the MMMs. On several occasions Sisters returning from Uganda spoke at Masses in Duleek.  They told the people about their work and the challenges involved.

“Over the years four of our group went to the Lord and others moved from the area. Now our number is small, but thirty-three years later, several women still contribute.”